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Filled with the Spirit

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        Galatians says to “Walk in the Spirit.” To walk in the Spirit is to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives. Note #1 To prepare for the Holy Spirit we must repent and plan our war with sin. #2 If you keep falling again and again, consider practicing “Rapid repentance.” God knows if you are trying, and if you are, practice rapid repentance.

        Second, Great Christians may consider memorizing this verse: “Thy will be done.” Then they spend time in prayer to be empowered to do “His will.”

        Often we need to pray and ask Jesus to increase our will to surrender and give up control. To ask Jesus to empty us of anything that’s preventing the Holy Spirit from being in control. Ask Him to increase our faith in His promise to give us the Holy Spirit.

        Once we are ready to submit to “His will,” then we can spend time in prayer.

        Third, believe. Consider praying:

        “Father, help me to “know” that life will be better when I walk in the Spirit.”

        I think I need to pray that prayer about 1000 times.

        Finally, repent, surrender, believe, and then spend time in prayer to be more filled with the Spirit. Doing so will start to add power to your life.

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