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Falling Upward

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        Adam and Eve “Saw the fruit,” it pleased their eyes, and they ate it. Eating it opened their eyes. Which eyes? Their physical eyes. Also at that exact moment, their spiritual eyes were closed. When our spiritual eyes close we fall into darkness. When our physical eyes open we start the cravings for bad things which are never satisfied.

        Satan says,” Look at your favorite trigger, look at that bank account, look at that problem.” Instead, we must develop the habit of looking at Jesus. It is wise to work every day on 1-3 things we should be thinking about. Then, when satan tries this trick simply focus on those 1-3 things you should be thinking about.

        Second, what if you keep falling? In that case always fall upward. A fall was not because you worked on something and that magic solution failed. It happens because we need many new habits. So repent instantly and work on that same technique if you thought it was good. Then add other techniques. God is watching you work. Keep working, keep growing, keep adding new habits.

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