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        The Bible says “In all circumstances, put on the shield of faith.” My parents always made everything about God. Annoying to a kid sure, but they were obeying this verse.
        Second, a Roman shield was large, and when used with other shields could protect the soldiers from flaming arrows. The shields formed an enclosure behind which they would be safe.
        Third, faith always says, “God’s ways are right, and satan’s temptations are wrong, are lies, and will lead to big time trouble.
        Fourth, giving in to temptation is saying that satan is right, and that he has something better than what God has promised. Consider praying:
        “Father, help me to turn from temptations, help me to remember that You have promised better things for me if I do things Your way.”
        Since I quit my life has been way better. Five times better. The Bible was right again.
        Fifth, satan will always offer short-term “Instant gratification.” God states His promises clearly, and says, “Have faith, continue on, and you will eventually see the promises fulfilled, and you will begin to have joy. Consider praying:
        “Father, help me to think “Long-term.”
        Sixth, with temptation, consider praying:
        “I will do things God’s way.”
        Finally, consider reading the December 10th article from this thread. Then decide how will you make new habits in the area of faith.

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