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        To be habit free we should strive to always be thinking and working on something. This is vital because there is no neutral. Either we are improving or we will default to something bad. Eve was not praising God and focusing on exactly what He wanted when satan suggested the fatal apple. She was neutral, in a vacuum, open to ideas.
        Instead, if we are working on a negative emotion to try to please God, we are in “drive” not in neutral. Pick the negative emotion you need to go to war with. Anger, anxiety, or any of a dozen other ones. Next, print out a bunch of verses on that emotion. Then pray, meditate, memorize and focus on these verses. Focusing on the Word puts us in overdrive.
        Next, think about a good trait you want. I am meditating on verses about strength. If satan pops some temptation on me today, I know that I would be blowing my chances of gaining in strength if I listen to him for even one minute.
        Second, my brother hates that I mute the TV during commercials when we watch the football game. But, I want to be praying or praising God. I never want to be in a vacuum while watching TV.
        Third, find things that inspire you to think and improve. Find some good Christian music videos or a Christian book to start your thinking in a good direction.
        Last, memorize the fact that we are either hot or cold as Christians. There is no neutral. If you start sliding into a neutral state… panic because it will end badly. Then shift immediately into drive and get your mind back to thinking about productive Godly things.
        Pick your worst negative emotion. Then, print out verses on that emotion, and pray, meditate, memorize and focus on these verses. This activity really helps attack our worst habits.

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