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        Negative emotions lead back to addiction. So we must identify what emotion leads us back to addiction and fight it aggressively.

        Secondly, Anger leads to addiction: Pray: Father, take away my spirit of anger and fill me with a Spirit of love.” I have prayed this prayer a zillion times. It really helped. Anger increases satans’ control, and that leads to…

        Pray: “Father, help me to repent instantly from anger.”

        Thirdly, bitterness. Life has taken a left turn and we let bitterness take control. They said or did the wrong thing. If we choose to stay bitter we ruin our life. Staying bitter is the exact opposite of creating your own Garden of Eden. Fight bitterness as if it will steal your joy (it will).

        Pray: “Father, help me to forgive and forget.”

        Pray: “Father, take away my spirit of bitterness and fill me with Your love.”

        Fourthly hopelessness. The Bible encourages us to always hope. The reason for this is because sometimes we can only see what we see. And when it is bad we lose hope. But Jesus sees you, in the future, when the Holy Spirit is fully in you. He sees the person who can take anything satan throws at them, and still is capable of doing His will.

        Pray: “Father, help me to always hope.”

        Finally, we look at the second half of the verse, “and give me life in your ways. Give me “life” means starting to live in God’s joy, glory, presence, and love. If you want to see a sharp increase in these, pray this prayer often: “Father, show me Your ways and help me to do Your will.”

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