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Don’t Test God

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        Last week I wrote about people who tested God, and it ended badly. This week I will write about people who tested God and (seemingly) got away with it.

        When I was young I would fall into my habit, try to get away from it before any massive disaster struck, and be happy when I asked for forgiveness and was safe again.

        I had no idea then what I know now. Now I can list 10 things that died, started to die, or partially died because of those falls.

        Second, David sinned with Bathsheeba and seemingly got away with it. Nope, For the rest of his life, his four sons tried to kill him. Also, his wives committed adultery, and publically embarrassed him. Worse yet, his son died.

        Think often about what the Bible verse “The wages of sin is death” means. Then consider studying, planning, and praying about how you will change your thinking and actions. Every day consider studying here until you have 1 or 2 things “To do,” and 1 or 2 things to stop doing. Have a simple quitting plan that you can remember and put into action.

        Don’t test God. Many have tried, and I am waiting to meet the first person who actually got away with it.

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