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Daily Reboot

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        Let’s assume we made some progress toward quitting yesterday, so we think “Today will be easy.” Nope, the fight begins again today. Today I just realized that I continue to start down the wrong path every few days just like I always have. Then I realize that I am headed for disaster and I start to make adjustments.
        It would be much wiser if I worked on making it a habit to reboot every day. Today, pick the two things that you struggle with the most. Things you have been working on. Today, decide to do an automatic reboot with these things every day for the rest of your life.
        What two things start you down that slippery path most often? It could be gambling shows you look at, or people you hang with. It could be an emotion, bad thought patterns, or another habit that leads to this habit. It could be any of 100 things. Pick two things that you often work on.
        Example: Dave the dreamer has prayed 800 times about breaking the habit of thinking about the big win, but once he forgets to pray about it for a few days… he is back to thinking about the big win again.
        Instead, he should reboot every day and start his fight by stopping thinking about the big win every single day. Consider praying:
        “Father, help me to make it a habit to have a daily reboot.”
        “Father, help me to make it a habit to work on _______, and ________ every day.”
        My plan is to fill in the blanks, print out this page and pray these two prayers several times every day for the next few months until I make it a habit to do a daily reboot with my worst two things that lead me to gamble the most.

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