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Daily Prayers

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        Consider praying:

        “Father, show me what You want me to do.”

        The problem is… We don’t spend enough time in prayer to know what “To do.”

        Consider praying:

        “Father, give me wisdom regarding finding my purpose.”

        I have prayed that prayer a lot this week, and it is helping.

        Here is an example of what life is not like: God says clearly, “Do this, and this, and you will be blessed and more blessed.

        Instead, most of us struggle to have a good idea of what God wants us “To do.” So we pray more, we try a variety of good works.

        Second, if we are not moving toward purpose, quitting will be very hard. Nothing in life satisfies like purpose. Consider trying a two way prayer:

        “Father, help me to turn from temptations, and increase my wisdom for Your will.”

        Finally, consider praying:

        “Father, show me what You want. I will try to do what You want me to do.”

        It is hard to know what God wants you to do. #1 Do what you know He wants you to do. #2 Become obsessed with trying to find out fully what He wants you to do. With your new obsession, your old obsession will start to fade.

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