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        Do any of us really understand the consequences of drinking/drugs? The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. But since I did not die, what does it mean?
        Did something partially die as a result? A relationship, or my ability to be a good parent, or my finances, or my ability to spread the Gospel, or my relationship with the Holy Spirit?
        People say, “I am giving up drinking/drugs.” But the truth is – we are either giving up drinking/drugs and choosing to keep things from the above list. Or, we are choosing drinking/drugs and letting the things (write your own list) on our list partially die.
        Something always dies or partially dies with indulgence.

        Since I don’t understand the consequences, from now on I am going to say 10 times each day, “The wages of drinking/drugs is death.”

        Maybe that will help remind me of the real consequences. Avoid these problems by dedicating yourself to work daily on Christian growth and to fighting addiction.
        Today I am choosing life, light, and Jesus.

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