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Conquer It

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        We use circumstances as an excuse to fall. We want God to change our circumstances. God wants to change our minds and thoughts instead of our circumstances. We can and must conquer every bad thought. We should fight against every bad thought. Consider praying:

        “Father, my goal is to obey You.”

        Second, temptation starts with desire. God tells us clearly not to desire _________. If I recommend you praying:

        “Father, help me not to desire _________, and help me to increase in my desire for prayer,” 1000 times, many would say… That is a lot of times. But, if Adam and Eve could go from the day they got kicked out of paradise, and go back in time and pray it 1000 times, would they do it? Of course.

        Third, always fight the bad desire and replace it with a good desire like Bible reading, helping others, and love. Find better desires.

        Fourth, don’t doubt that God knows best what is best for us. Consider saying often:

        “God knows what is best for me.”

        Here is a Rick Warren joke/comment: Adam and Eve were naked in the garden with no kids. How do you mess that up?

        Fifth, satan wants us to doubt that God’s rules are for our benefit. Satan wants us to doubt that the Bible is true. He is lying.

        Sixth, satan deceives us. Satan says, “You won’t die if you do this.” The Bible says:

        “The wages of sin is death.” Something “Always” dies, starts to die or partially dies with sin. Adam and Eve believed his lie. Paradise ended that day. Problems began that day.

        Seventh, God said: “You can do all of these other clean pleasures.” We need to think 10 times more often about other clean pleasures we can focus on.

        As always, feel free to print out any article you want for personal use. Reading them is good, reading them until new habits are formed conquers _________.

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