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        Jesus died on the cross which which led to the Holy Spirit being available to every person. But how do we access the Holy Spirit? Step one is right in the name: Holy. The first step is to go to war with sin. But even the great Biblical Paul was not perfect, what chance do we have?

        In war, you always try and you always go forward if you are going to win. There are 2 groups of Christians reading this. Group one is ready to fight aggressively and willing to try to do God’s will. But many are in group two, willing, not confident, not feeling like the Holy Spirit will ever work in them. If that is you consider making it a habit to practice “Rapid Repentance.” With rapid repentance we take every sin seriously. With each sin, we pause and pray:

        “Father, I am sorry for ________. I want to do things Your way. I want to be filled with Your Holy Spirit.”

        Then we form a plan on how we can stop doing that sin.

        God is looking for people who want to be filled with Him. We are supposed to be filled with the Spirit.

        Today, consider taking time and making room for the Holy Spirit to fill you so that He can do something great in your life. Today, consider making a commitment to spending a block of time in prayer every day to see what being filled looks like.

        Finally, why did even Paul struggle (A bit) with sin? Because he was only 99% filled with-the-spirit. When he did things “his” way temptation ramped right up.

        I am not filled with the spirit like Paul was, but, I work daily to be filled enough so that I can go to war with blatant sin, and try to do God’s will.

        Easter is about Jesus dying for our sins, but if you want to be free from sin, Easter is about the date that the Holy Spirit became available so that even people like me, could find freedom.

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