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        We all make bad choices. #1 That old sinful temptation pops up yet again. Consider praying:

        “Father, help me to turn instantly from this thought.”

        To fight bad thoughts consider making it a habit to have a daily “Go to” verse about drinking/drugs.

        Isaiah 55:7 ESV Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

        To fight bad thoughts have a prayer and a verse ready every day. Use them often.

        Second, bad mindset choices. The minute you are down, angry, sad, depressed, start fighting back. Call a sponsor, read a bunch of articles, study key verses, think about activities you will do once you regain some control.

        Third, Choosing nothing. Leaving a void. Leaving an empty space for satan to fill. Based on your past experience… Will he fill it? Consider praying:

        “Father, show me Your will.”

        Try doing something new for God. Help someone. It may or may not be something great but, it is a great choice.

        Finally, bad choices about places where you go, or, places where the wrong people are. Consider praying:

        “Father, help me to know Your plan as to where I should be, and who I should be with.”

        Finding healthy places to go and healthy people to be around is a huge step toward finding long-term joy.

        Which bad choices do you constantly make? I plan to make changes with my choices and I plan on increasing in joy as fast as possible.

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          Barry Bonds smashed baseballs. He was the king of the steroid era players (allegedly). Pitchers were scared of him and he walked 232 times in 2004 including 120 intentional walks. Barry annihilated the home run record with 73.

          The million-dollar question is, can we annihilate drinking/drugs? If we include specific scriptures about drinking/drugs in our prayers they start to become powerful. Consider praying:

          “Father, help me to abstain from every form of evil.”

          At home, we can read drinking/drugs verses when overwhelmed. #2 If we have several prayers that use verses about quitting for busy times, they will start to change our thought patterns. Consider praying:

          “If my thoughts are darkness how great is that darkness.”

          Consider praying those prayers until you “know” that this habit causes darkness and depression. It is easier to quit if you start to become fully aware of the dark side to the party.

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