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Change Your Thinking

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        Many peoples emotions go up and down, because of negative thoughts.
        John H Prin in his book Secret Keeping notes:
        “Millions of people with habits, who have negative self definitions (which are reinforced by negative self talk) have learned how to live cleaner saner lives using positive self definitions… They’ve revised the words they tell themselves.”
        Consider writing down negative comments that you often say to yourself. Then write out what positive comments you could replace them with. For example John Prin writes:
        “Change, I’m a loser to, I’m a winner.
        Change, I’ll never be somebody, to, I will be somebody.
        Change, I’m incapable and undeserving to I am able and deserving.
        Change, I don’t matter much, to, I matter a lot.
        Change, life is out to get me, to, life has blessings for me.
        He recommends that you repeat the new phrases, or ones you make up on your own aloud for thirty days, once in the morning and once at bedtime. If you listed, my opinions don’t matter, then say aloud, my opinions do matter, and so on. Remember, keep your thoughts positive because they become your words. Keep your words positive because they become your actions. Keep your actions positive because they become your values. Keep your values positive because they become your destiny.”

        I got four: Change:
        My life stinks, to, the more I do things God’s way, the more I will be blessed.
        Change, I can’t handle this, to, If I allow God to start to help me, He will start to help me.
        Change, I need a miriacle, to, when I go through this, with God’s help, then I will learn how to help others.
        Change, I can’t resist this short term sinful fun with added destruction, to, I will think long term and my joy will start to grow.

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