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Broken and Blessed

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        Blessed are the broken. We want to quit, but we want to do it “our” way. Our way = no blessing.

        God created us and He wrote specific things to us about drinking/drugs and other sins. Satan wants us to keep trying to quit “our way” at all costs. Um… that’s a lot of costs.

        Many read my articles to get the “practical” tips. They only want the practical tips because if we study the scriptures about drinking/drugs we are relinquishing control.

        Mike Breaux said, “The greatness of a man or woman is directly proportionate to the measure of their surrender.”

        Surrender is a key to quitting.

        I say, “Your success in quitting depends on “New habits” you form based on what God said about drinking/drugs.”

        Today, consider starting a “Top 10 habits I need to learn to quit.”

        Habit #1 Look at your list 2-3 times per day. At what time will you look at it?

        #2 Don’t worry if your list is short, you can add to it as you go along.

        #3 Scan old articles to add to your list.

        #4 Now you have something to always think about (Instead of always thinking about drinking/drugs).

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