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        Matthew 5 tells us how to think to increase in happiness. It begins: “Blessed are the poor in Spirit.” Am I just a tiny man, fully dependent on a huge powerful God? Yes. I can’t even breathe without Him. Life is not great unless I focus on humility, and on caring about other people. When we start to realize how great God is, and how small we are, then we start to increase in caring about people and caring about their souls. Consider praying:
        “Father, help me to decrease, and help me to go to war with drinking/drugs so I can do Your will.”
        The passage ends with, “For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Focusing often on this passage is not taking a break from the war on drinking/drugs. If we truly become poor in spirit, we will be so busy helping others, that we will start to run out of time for our former habits.
        Today consider starting to acquire the habit of denying yourself so that others may be lifted up and helped.
        Second, everyone should fear falling into drinking/drugs. It brings darkness and destruction into our lives. Consider praying:
        “Father, show me why I should fear drinking/drugs. Show me exactly what destruction it brings into my life.”
        We should fear getting caught in a fire, fear serious car accidents, and fear activities that will ruin us.

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