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Better Pleasure

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        Don’t overestimate the pleasure of partying. Don’t underestimate the destruction of partying. Consider praying:
        “Father, teach me to not overestimate of the pleasure of my habit. Show me how the devil tricks me.”
        If you fall 2 days from now, the destruction that happens over the following few days, weeks, and months, is part of that pleasure ratio. It’s a bad ratio.
        Second, don’t underestimate the pleasure that finding your God given purpose brings. I have been praying, “Father, expand my borders and bless me indeed.” After many prayers, I felt like God wanted me to go to a specific church. Now, I just moved, I know nobody at that church. Like Jonah, I preferred some other purpose. But last week I prayed often, “Father, help me to care about souls.” Then I wrote that article about trusting God, and I prayed, “Father help me to trust You,” multiple times.
        I finally went to that church. After the service that pastor came up to me and started talking. He wanted to grow his church, and I had a bunch of ideas for him. He was very excited and we talked for 25 minutes.
        Long story short: Going there gave me the most pleasure I have had in a long time. God knows what is best for me.
        Finally, don’t underestimate the pleasure that finding your God given purpose brings. Consider praying about purpose often.

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