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Be Ready

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        To be ready, we do everything and anything to remind ourselves of what we want to do when the test comes. I am moving, so I am selling some of my junk. For the last 3 people who came to buy stuff, I was not ready to even pray to the Holy Spirit to see if He wanted me to talk to them. After I forgot for a 3rd time I started doing everything I could to be ready. I prayed at night, when I woke up, and when my day started. I put out reminders to “Be ready.” I am now obsessed with being ready. My #1 focus is to be ready today.

        Note: I have no interest in talking to anyone who has no interest in hearing. But I need to improve in the way I help others, and I need to open my mouth if the Holy Spirit wants to speak through it. Note: I can’t witness personally effectively. But I can be available for God to help me. That is all He wants any of us to do.

        Second, obviously, many reading this want to “Be ready” to fight drinking/drugs.

        To be ready practice underestimating the fun of sin. Plus practice overestimating the destruction of drinking/drugs. You will probably still underestimate it.

        Third, pick 3 habits you want to acquire this month that will help you be ready. When will you work on them every day? Then pick 3 more things that you will do today to “Be ready.” Become obsessed with being ready. It works.

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