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Be Ready

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        What if someday in heaven someone walks up to me and says: I read your article called “Be ready.” It inspired me to take a notebook and write 9 quitting statements in the left-hand column.

        #1 Turn from triggers. I then filled the main section with its initials TFT 100’s of times.

        #2 Run from sin. I then filled the main section with its initials RFS 100’s of times.

        #3 Care about souls. I then filled the main section with its initials CAS 100’s of times.

        #4 We need to “See the evil and hide,” rather than proceeding and paying the penalty (Proverbs 22:3) See the evil and hide: SEAH.

        #5 Prepare for temptation: PFT.

        #6 Avoid temptation: AT.

        #7 I will learn the habit of praising the Lord. PTL.

        #8 Reject and replace bad thoughts: R&R.

        #9 Be ready to screen your phone (from tempting things). SYP.

        What if you are obsessed with writing down, and/or repeating these things?

        #1 Your success will increase.

        #2 Your mind will be renewed.

        #3 You will start to have peace.

        #4 You will start to have joy.

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