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Be Content

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        Today’s tip is surviving a bad day. If you are aggressively fighting the habit you may have noticed that “bad days” cause a ton of falls. #1 Biblical Paul would fight to overcome hard times without falling virtually all the time. The first reason he could do that was because he had learned to be content. Consider praying:

        “Father, take away this drinking/drugs and help me to be content.”

        Today analyze how high up your list “bad days” is. If it is at the top of your temptation to fall list, consider setting an hourly alarm and praying this prayer until it is a lifelong habit. If it is on your top ten list consider praying it hourly until you start remembering to pray it more often.

        #2 Increase contentment by giving thanks for the good things you have.

        #3 Don’t say “Live stinks,” instead say, “It’s okay.” Say this will pass, I will get through this, if I pray, God will be with me and help me through this. Be positive.

        #4 Pray about and practice being content with your relationships. Pray about increasing in love, and putting them first.

        #5 Pray about and practice being content with your lack of relationships. A single lonely person has every opportunity to have a totally on-fire relationship with Jesus. Pray often about being content, and make sure that totally on-fire relationship happens.

        Finally, if you are obsessed with 3 things, life will start to get good. #1 Be obsessed with finding your purpose. #2 Be obsessed with going to war against sin. #3 Be obsessed with praying about contentment until you learn to have contentment.

        Today, consider setting your goal of how often you will pray to be content. It will help.

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          Yesterday I was complaining again. People just don’t do things in a perfect way when they are working with me. Since I am perfect, that is a – Wait, I am not perfect either.

          We forget that we are not perfect when someone else makes mistakes we would not make. The problem is, we make a bunch of other mistakes they would not make.

          #1 I need to be humble and remember that we all make mistakes.

          #2 I need to remember how God reacts (Sometimes with fire) to people who complain.

          #3 How popular will I be if I am Mr. Negative?

          #4 Complaining puts us in a worse mood. Forgive, and forget. Or ignore the issue if possible.

          #5 Complaining helps us believe the theory “Life stinks,” on a higher level.

          What does the Bible say about complaining?

          “Do all things without complaining and disputing, ” (Philippians 2:14-). Consider memorizing this command.

          Finally, I will repeat the last line of the Feb. 28th article:

          Consider focusing on making it a habit to praise the Lord, give thanks, or to rejoice every time you are tempted to complain. That habit will make you happier, and it will help in the fight against drinking and drugs.

          Joy takes work. I choose to work at it every day.

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            Everyone who is trying to quit a habit needs a huge increase in contentment. Consider praying:

            “Father, take away this spirit of drinking/drugs and help me to be content.”

            If you are single it is wise to learn contentment with being single. I see divorced people who think and talk about finding someone all the time. Instead, it is wiser to think, pray, and talk often about being content. Then to think all the time about doing God’s will. Paul was in the top 1% of people who had great joy. He was single. 
            Second, whether you are single or married, put in the prayer and the work so that God becomes the answer to loneliness and other problems. He is the answer.
            Third, I recommend dozens of prayers. Consider spending time each week to study exactly what you should be praying more about. No one should be trying to find the greatest variety of prayers and prayer topics. If you have zero contentment with your life, consider praying the above prayer 5-10 times per day, or more.

            Fourth, if you have never married, now is the time to learn contentment so that you can do God’s will. If you learn contentment, form habits of going to war with sin, and learn to do God’s will… if you do get married later, it might be one of those rare, great marriages.

            Finally, do you need to pray daily about contentment? I do. Today I am committing to working more on it. I am always happier when I am content.

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