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Alternative Activities are Vitally Important

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        Satan wins if we sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. We know what that leads to.

        Every day, consider praying urgently to “Get started.” Get started daily with Bible study, movement, increasing in spiritual things, and fighting bad habits. One of the most important habits you need urgently is to form the habit of “Fighting bad habits daily.” Set a time and a place for this war. It is vital!!!

        Second, free time leads to temptation. Fill it up. Here are some ways:

        Study and pray about purpose.

        Meet a strong spiritual friend for lunch.

        Read a Christian book.

        Pray about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

        Attend an exercise class.

        Study Bible verses on love, contentment, toughness, joy, peace, or anything else that you need.

        Volunteer in your community.

        Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

        Pick up a new hobby through classes or online tutorials.

        Go for a run.

        Pick a spiritual trait you should be doing, and do it today and this week: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.”

        Clean your home or car.

        Meditate or pray over spiritual traits you need to increase so that bad habits decrease.

        Learn a new language with books or an app.

        Count your blessings

        Print and frame digital photos from your phone.

        Catch up on errands.

        Go for a walk.

        Finish a home-improvement project.

        Call an elderly relative.

        Plant a garden in your yard (or join a community garden).

        Write in a journal.

        Do a crossword puzzle.

        Play a board game.

        Take yourself out for ice cream.

        Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

        Write a poem.

        Try mindfulness techniques.

        Make a commitment to strengthen relationships
        Firstly, attack bad habits with spiritual techniques. But, almost as importantly, fill up your free time with healthy activities. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
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