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        1 John 3:6 Whoever abides in Him does not sin.”

        Some addiction treatment centers have people reading the Bible and listening to obedience-oriented sermons for 2-3 hours per day. Then… even if the addiction is very deep-rooted, they quit. Why? Because they are now abiding in Him.
        Sometimes people don’t understand whether gambling is a sin or not. But… it does not matter. If we want to quit “God’s way” we need “to do” what He wants us to do.
        Second, every person can quit. The only question is: How much do we need to abide in Him to quit? Obviously, some people are very busy. That is why we also want a focus on prayer and prayers. It is usually hard to study the Bible at work.
        Second, take note of every tip in these articles that you think is “Abiding in Him.” For example, we turn from gambling so that we can pray, think about purpose, and abide in Him.
        Third, the minute we don’t abide in Him, trouble starts. Adam and Eve abided in Him and only listened to Him. Then… they took a break and listened to something else. Disaster.
        Fourth, God offered Adam and Eve a great life. He is now offering us a great life. Abide in Him and find purpose and joy.

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