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30 Day Challenge

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        My 30-day challenge is unique. Yes, we want to stay free for 30 days, but the challenge is really just as much about a massive increase in one quitting skill over the next 30 days. What is your #1 trigger? My #1 trigger was “Life runs me over, and now I have an excuse to run back to my habit.”

        The challenge is to memorize 3 solutions that you can use to fight against your #1 trigger over the 30 days.

        Second, to have written down 3 places where you “know” you can go to get 3 more solutions to fight that trigger.

        Here is an example of what I did memorize for my trigger:

        Life still runs me over, and I still “start” to spiral downward, but now when that happens I always have the habit of “Praising the Lord.” Here is the thing. We don’t know if our current situation is all that bad, or whether satan is playing with our minds and making us think it is the end of the world. But when we start to praise the Lord, and when we keep praising the Lord, satan don’t wanna hear that. So if we were exaggerating the situation because of him, we will discover that. But even if life is terrible that day, you will get more help from the Lord if you praise the Lord.

        Today, consider writing down 3 things that you will memorize to fight your #1 trigger. Then start to compile articles and Bible chapters or verses that are candidates for the 3 things that you can “find” when your trigger happens again. At the end of 30 days, you might have 8-12 candidates for your 3 go-to articles.

        If you have 3 solutions memorized and 3 go-to solutions available in 30 days… you will have discovered a great thing.

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