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    Barry Bonds smashed baseballs. He was the king of the steroid era players (allegedly). Pitchers were scared of him and he walked 232 times in 2004 including 120 intentional walks. Barry annihilated the home run record with 73.

    The million-dollar question is, can we annihilate drinking/drugs? If we include specific scriptures about drinking/drugs in our prayers they start to become powerful. Consider praying:

    “Father, help me to abstain from every form of evil.”

    At home, we can read drinking/drugs verses when overwhelmed. #2 If we have several prayers that use verses about quitting for busy times, they will start to change our thought patterns. Consider praying:

    “If my thoughts are darkness how great is that darkness.”

    Consider praying those prayers until you “know” that this habit causes darkness and depression. It is easier to quit if you start to become fully aware of the dark side to the party.