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    Consider the habit of turning to scripture to solve your problems. If your energy is low search “Verses strength” and study and pray over that. If your anger is high study/pray “Verses anger,” if your relationships stink, study/pray “Verses contentment.”

    Why? Because problems lead back to habits. But, if we work on solving them God’s way we get closer to God. Being closer to God helps us fight temptation.

    Second, solving problems Biblically allows God’s light to shine through us. A person who is mad at their spouse, coworker, teacher, or brother does not promote the Kingdom of God. Instead, forgive rapidly and study verses on the problem. Consider praying:

    “Father, take away this ______ so that I live in love and do Your will.”

    Third, tells others to solve their problems with Google scripture searches. Many people’s lives would improve greatly if they simply were told, “Study/pray “Verses peace.” If people talk about their problems to you, ask them, “Are you open to scripture solutions? They have really worked well for me.”

    Finally, turning to scripture to solve your problem allows God’s power to work in your life. Once His power is completely working in your life… Lust will die. Consider embracing this habit. Every time you solve specific problems with specific scripture, the power increases in you. The more you make this a habit, the easier it will be to quit.