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    Yesterday I was complaining again. People just don’t do things in a perfect way when they are working with me. Since I am perfect, that is a – Wait, I am not perfect either.

    We forget that we are not perfect when someone else makes mistakes we would not make. The problem is, we make a bunch of other mistakes they would not make.

    #1 I need to be humble and remember that we all make mistakes.

    #2 I need to remember how God reacts (Sometimes with fire) to people who complain.

    #3 How popular will I be if I am Mr. Negative?

    #4 Complaining puts us in a worse mood. Forgive, and forget. Or ignore the issue if possible.

    #5 Complaining helps us believe the theory “Life stinks,” on a higher level.

    What does the Bible say about complaining?

    “Do all things without complaining and disputing, ” (Philippians 2:14-). Consider memorizing this command.

    Finally, I will repeat the last line of the Feb. 28th article:

    Consider focusing on making it a habit to praise the Lord, give thanks, or to rejoice every time you are tempted to complain. That habit will make you happier, and it will help in the fight against drinking and drugs.

    Joy takes work. I choose to work at it every day.