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    Satan will plant drinking/drug thoughts in our minds. We can reject them, and we must reject them.

    Step one: Determine to control your thoughts. Many will try this today, only a tiny few will succeed. But those who employ the tricks of discipline will still have a great chance.

    Experts at discipline struggle and say: I need more notes to remind me to reject bad thoughts. I need to pray more so that the Holy Spirit helps me more. I need to have more Bible verses available so that I can fight back effectively.

    I need to say and think more often: “I will control my thoughts.” I need to pray more often:

    “Father, help me to control my thoughts.”

    Step two: Always “try” to reject drinking/drugs and sinful thoughts. Today I will watch pro football. Many receivers were drafted in the first round. The Lions star Amon-Ra St. Brown was picked in the 4th round but he has more catches than the 17 receivers picked before him. Why? He “Tries harder.” Not only this week but this month and “All year.”

    Rejecting and replacing lustful thoughts is a skill that takes time to master. Consider praying:

    “Father, help me to work on the skill of rejecting and replacing drinking/drug thoughts every day.”

    Today (12/24) many celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, consider praying this when drinking/drugs thoughts strike:

    “In the name of Jesus, I reject this thought.”

    Today, pray about whether you will make a lifestyle choice to consistently “Try” to reject and replace drinking/drug thoughts. It is a key to quitting.