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    “Study the Lord’s prayer and use it to combat habits.”

    This has been my “go-to prayer” for some time now. Along with Hail Mary, a very powerful weapon against the attacks from the devil. I have done this for another area of my life that I struggle with. It is helping in that area. I try to start praying as soon as the thought, temptation, or urge pops into my head. I find I can’t give it any time to entertain the idea. I must pray immediately.

    I do find with drinking, it is the time of day that is my trigger. Come 4:30ish to 5:00 I really start thinking about my martini. I try and fool myself thinking I’m only having one, but I really mix a double. Thus it begins as I’ll end up with another. I know it is partly a mindset, but more than that I need to bring Jesus into this.