Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 3 | How To Quit Gambling
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Gambling freedom in 60 Days: Day 3

Information that will help you: Robert Perkinsons in The Gambling Addiction Client Workbook writes about the goodness that is the moral law and said the following: “In all cultures, and in all lands, this goodness is expressed in what we call the moral law. Morality demands love in action and in truth. It is simply stated as follows: Love God all you can, love others all you can, and love yourself all you can. This law is very powerful. If some stranger were drowning in a pool next to you, then this law would motivate you to help. Instinctively, you would feel driven to help, even if it put your own life at risk. The moral law is so important that it transcends our instinct for survival. You would try to save that drowning person at your own risk. This moral law is exactly the same everywhere-in every culture. It exists inside of everyone. It is written on our hearts. Even among thieves, honesty is valued.

To believe in a Higher Power you must believe that this good exists inside of you. You also must believe that there is more of this good outside of you. If you do not believe in a living, breathing God at this point, do not worry. Every one of us has started where you are.”

Where did this moral law come from? Why am I different than my cat. He is perfect with having sex with every female cat in sight. I know deep down inside that I should only sleep with my wife. I know that I should not kill other people. Why do I know these things?
I heard a story on TV and it went like this. A pastor whose name was ironsides was preaching one day at a large venue. When he was done a man came up to him and handed him a note. The note read – meet me for a debate next Sunday at 4 PM. You will debate the proof of Christianity and I will prove that atheism is true. Mr. Ironsides paused and said: I will accept your challenge on one condition. You bring a man and a woman who will testify about how they turned to atheism and that it transformed their lives. Helped them kick alcohol or drugs or sex addictions or gambling. I in turn will bring 100 people who will testify about how Jesus Christ transformed their lives. Helping free them from these addictions and how they have now found joy and purpose. If you agree to these conditions I will meet you here at 4 PM.

Much to the atheists credit he replied – you might be here but I won’t.

To quit gambling you need to understand your Higher Power. In a way this is easy, but in a way it is the hardest thing you may ever do. Many people are ready to talk to God to try to get Him to help them do what they want to do. Only a few people are truly ready to commit to God to do things the way He wants us to do them. But all you can do is to start where you are at. Tell Him that you do not want to live like this anymore.

Next we need to make a decision. Do we want to surrender to God? We can’t compromise, either we do or we don’t.
God has unfailing love for us. Every day I will add another verse that talks about His unfailing love. Exodus 15:13
“In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.


List four things that will improve in your life if you turn your life over to God.

  1. __________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________

Some of you (like myself) attended religious schools or Churches that tainted us from Christianity. How are religious situations from your past keeping you from making progress Spiritually .


Rex M. Rogers noted ” Gambling demands that the gambler abandon reason. It’s a venue of superstition, a religion-free religion. In a time when valuelessness is valued, gambling  fits. In a culture that believes the universe began by chance and that existence and morality are nothing more than the “luck of the draw,” gambling  is oddly logical. Gambling  is the perfect postmodern pastime.

Gambling  is correlated with social pessimism. It flourishes in cultures that no longer believe they can influence their present, much less their future. Gambling  blossoms from a mood of despair, powerlessness, and hopelessness. Life is chance — a crap shoot.

Every civilization in the past 500 years has sought to curtail gambling  or its effects.49 Why do Americans think we’re immune to the hazards of gambling ? It is because Americans have embraced moral relativism, the postmodern belief in “mobile truths.” Increasing numbers of Americans no longer believe in absolute truth, in right and wrong. If God exists, He must not have anything to say to people. They reject Him, they reject His Word, and they reject His morality. The only thing left is uncertainty — and luck.

For many Americans gambling  has become a surrogate religion; a pathological hope; a concession to life based on luck; an admission that there is nothing to life but determinism, fatalism, nihilism.

But gambling  is rabbit’s foot religion. Gambling  asks people to play the odds, and always, in the long run, gambling  wins.

Rex M. Rogers is president of Cornerstone College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and author of Seducing America: Is Gambling  a Good Bet? (Baker Book House, 1997).

Why do you need to make a Spiritual decision? _______________________________________________________________

Today: add How to Quit Gambling idea’s to your journal.

If you want to eliminate gambling from your life strive to learn from people who are trying to quit. We will follow several people to see how they did it. Jan determined to say three times every day: “This temptation will go away if I don’t act on it. If I give in it will return and it may be even stronger next time. If I don’t give in it will go away and someday it will go away for good. I have the self-control to change”.

Bill decided to Pray often each day “Lord keep me from temptation”(This is part of the Lord’s prayer from the Bible).

Mike was undecided about Christianity, but he was intrigued by how a Christian friend lived his life – so when his buddy recommended “The case for Christ” by Lee Strobel, he went out and got a copy.

Thankyou for reading day 3: How to quit gambling.

The #1 rule: never give up and practice self control

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