Gambling Freedom in 60 Days Program: Stop Gambling: Day 2
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Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 2

In the past, we made little choices. We did not realize that those choices would become today’s chains. Your choices when repeated become habits. At some point, our negative activity became an automatic activity. Over time that activity became our identity. That activity became our nature. It is what we do.

This 60-day program will show you that the small choices you make daily lead you back to gambling. We will show you how to make correct small choices that will lead to big success over time.

God has an overwhelming love for you. But we often put up a wall between ourselves and God and shut Him out. Over the next 58 days we will discover how to break down that wall so that you can experience God and be fully aware of His love. wrote the following:

Only those who never give up on themselves & their program of recovery beat gambling. Know that there are 1000’s of recovering gamblers. There are 1000’s of people who once were severely addicted to gambling, haven’t gambled for months and even years. Know that if they can do it, you can too. (because it is the truth).”


Quitting gambling can be frustrating for me. Why? Because I want treasures on earth. The Bible says in Matthew 6: 19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

When we study this scripture and pray over it, we allow God to “Renew our minds.” To quit gambling we see which of the verses for quitting apply to “our” exact situation. The main reason “you” gamble. You likely have a different reason than I have for gambling. But the verses that will renew your mind are right there also.

Since this is the right verse for me, it is really helping me today. Study these verses and find your verse, and over time find your verses.

Lastly, what is your treasure? Consider praying, “Father, take away this spirit of gambling and help me to treasure helping others.” Consider praying, “Father, take away this spirit of gambling and help me to treasure things that are in Your will.”


Let’s look in on people who are trying to quit gambling to see what they are doing.

Bill is focusing on reading more to replace his addiction. What activities would be good for you?

Lisa went to church last Sunday and she has plans with a new “non gambling” friend tonight. She is also thinking about how daily Bible reading might be good for her.

Jim is joining a GA group and is starting a journal and filling it with ideas about quitting.

Mike keeps forgetting about the destruction his addiction has caused him so he plans to say to himself at least twice today: gambling has caused me destruction and pain, it has in the past and it will in the future.
It takes 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. Average time to form a habit is 2 months but with finding new habits to offset addictions it may be closer to the 254 day mark. I will repeat many things many times in this 60 day program. If you develop a habit of saying certain statements multiple times each day your thinking will change. Then your habits will change. The more you embrace this repetition the stronger your control over your addiction will become.
List four reasons why believing in God may be good for you.

  1. ________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________

If you don’t believe in God currently that is OK. If He is real He will show Himself to you if you really seek Him. But it is very important that you are open to the possibility of God. If He is the Truth and the life then we really can’t flourish without Him. For me I have found that I have more joy and real love in my life when I try to do things God’s way. Even if you struggle to believe what I say is true – you can still try it. Just ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Say three times every day: “This temptation will go away if I don’t act on it. If I give in it will return and it may be even stronger next time. If I don’t give in it will go away and someday it will go away for good. I have the self-control to change”.

It’s amazing how powerful you subconscious mind is. Every single time you do a new positive activity, your subconscious programs it into your brain. The more you do it, the more entrenched the program becomes. It becomes a habit that helps start to squeeze out bad habits.

To stop gambling easily, learn about relapse prevention from Jan.

Today: Jan is struggling with temptations so she decides to make a Relapse Prevention Card to Take with her:

An Example Relapse Prevention Card
The Four Ds

  1. Delay – Since cravings come in waves, if you can delay making a relapse decision for as little as 20 minutes you’ll generally find the cravings dissipate on their own.
  2. Distract – Craving time passes more quickly when engaged in a distracting activity for a few minutes.
  3. Deep breathing – Deep breathing exercises help you maintain calm and purpose when cravings hit, keeping you from making rash decisions.
  4. Drink a glass of water – The simple act of drinking a glass of water relaxes you. Imagine your cravings as like a runaway train gathering momentum to a disaster. Basic activities like taking a moment to drink a glass of water are like brakes that slow the train for long enough to keep you focused on getting to your distraction activity.


Fold a paper into four squares:

  1. On the first square, write out The Four Ds
  2. On the second square, write out 5 or 10 personally relevant distraction ideas
  3. On the third square, write out 3 or 4 of your most significant reasons for wanting to stay free from gambling
  4. On the fourth square, write out some negative expectations -accurate predictions for what will happen if you fall.

Negative Expectations – When you’re about to relapse you tend to focus on positive expectations and gloss-over negative expectations.

Some examples of positive expectations are:

  • “I’d have such a good time if I hit the Casino.” Or “I am so stressed right now– a few bets would really change my focus…”

Some examples of negative expectations are:

  • “If I gamble tonight I will feel hung-over and ashamed tomorrow.” Or “If I start gambling I won’t stop until all of my money is gone.”

By writing down accurate negative expectation statements you provide a counter-balance for the positive expectation statements your addicted mind manufactures all on its own.

Write out what activities you will do today – add them to your notebook and see how many of them you can accomplish.

Determine to think about Spiritual things and new activities 15 times today. If you have nothing to do make it 50 times. You will at some point become what you think about.

Every day increase self-control. I Eat raw broccoli instead of candy. Why? Because it develops self-control and delays pleasure. Every day repeat an exercise that increases your self-control. Play a musical instrument, go for a walk, do something healthy. Broccoli tastes crappy but you feel way better an hour later. Living healthy for a week is like eating broccoli. 17 days from now you will feel way better.

Thankyou for reading day 2 to find out the process to stop gambling. Every day write down which day you just finished so that you can keep track of where to start tomorrow.

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