Weight loss success: sugar addiction
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Weight loss success: sugar addiction

Regarding sugar addiction: There is a limit to how much sugar a person can eat and stay healthy. People who consume sugar a number of times per day will likely be told someday by their doctor that they have to change or die. In some cases they are told a little too late. But (unless any sugar intake causes you to binge) you can eat some sugar. Just remind yourself at regular intervals that overindulgence will likely cause you to be forced to almost cut it out completely later, or the results could even be worse. Plan your sugar intake. Work on your discipline in all areas of life. Overall discipline will sooner or later lead to discipline with food.

Regular life stress fuels addiction, disasters from overindulgence causes stress and leads to depression. We need to learn how to cope with outside stress in ways other than lust! Stress can come from too much of something or not enough of something. Our body will begin to break down if we keep it under constant stress.

Stress beaters are exercise, meditation and prayer and a new lifestyle. First meditation and prayer. Just sit in a quiet place and tell God that you worship Him. You can tell Him this many times as long as you are sincere. We are created to worship God and to fulfill our purpose. When we meditate we allow God to fill us up a bit with His power and joy. (Then if we quickly get back into sin the power goes right away). So also meditate with this statement – Father help me to turn aggressively from sin. Remember, John and Paul from the Bible virtually always obeyed the Bible and fulfilled their purpose and they virtually always had the Spirits power and help with them. Tell God that you praise Him and that He is the mighty and great God. Praising God is something we do during meditation as well as throughout the day.

Another great stress buster is to practice deep breathing exercises.

Get addicted to regular exercise because physical exercise lowers depression and helps to fight stress and addiction. Once you get back in shape, exercise gives a natural high that will stay with you all day. Consult your doctor and start slow. Walk before you jog, lift really light weights for a week or two before you get aggressive. Make it a habit and it may be a habit that may help with your main addiction.

Change your lifestyle to lower stress. I keep track of my high stress activities and have goals of getting away from the stress at certain points. I am developing things I like to do that do not involve stress. What fun activities can you develop that will, distract you, lower your stress, keep you from addiction and help keep you balanced so that you can move forward to fulfilling your purpose?

Read First John 1

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