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    Why is thinking right so important? Example, life knocks us down again. We want to think about our (bad) options. If we don’t think about the Philippians command to “Think about these things, we will think in ways that start the big slide. Instead, consider often asking yourself this question:

    “How can I think toward love?” If you are angry, forgive. If sad, praise the Lord. If frustrated with life, decide to make life better for people around you. How can I help others? If Christians would focus more on thinking “Toward love,” what would the church look like?

    The Bible says to think about lovely things. Think about being a peacemaker. Think about valuing what is important to others so that you can show them a bit of God’s love. Think about forgiving others. We are obeying what Philippians says to think about when we practice “Rapid forgiveness.” Consider praying:

    “Father, help me to turn from lust and teach me the habit of rapid forgiveness.”

    Here is an example of a lovely thought. “How can I promote love today?

    Second, we all like a person who is “pleasant.” They are always nice and kind to others. They notice the good in the day and the beauty in the world. Consider praying:

    “Father, help me to think about better things. Please change my thoughts.”

    Consider picking two new thought patterns to think about from this list, then see how many times this week you can refocus your mind to thinking about things the Bible says to think about.

    #1 How can I change my situation toward love?

    #2 Rapid forgiveness is real love

    #3 Can I be the person who is pleasant, positive, and nice?

    #4 Can I act in a way that someone might see Jesus in me?

    Great thoughts replace bad thoughts. How will you plan to think Bible thoughts?