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    Pure thoughts are clean thoughts. Pure thinking involves thinking in a pure way about what we will read, watch, listen to, or think about. Consider praying David’s prayer:

    “Create in me a pure heart Oh God, and renew a right Spirit within me.”

    Step one in thinking pure thoughts is to plan to think pure thoughts. Plan pure thoughts if you are out and about where temptation may pop up. Plan pure thoughts before you turn on the TV.

    Second, pure thoughts are: What is God’s will right now, not Wow, how can I have (wrongful) fun. Pure thoughts only happen when we avoid evil.

    Finally, pure thoughts are writing prayers that say what Job said about keeping his eyes pure.

    “Father, I will keep my mind pure, help me to run from sin.”

    Purity and positivity lead to a clean mind, and a clean mind keeps us free. Consider a focus on purity.