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    Yesterday I pushed turning from triggers. But, if 100% of our thoughts are either temptation or turning from triggers, it may be a rough battle. Some days we are restless, frustrated, wanting to go back to our destruction. So yes, start with turning from triggers and fighting triggers, but quickly transition to something like insisting on having peace and contentment in your life.

    Second, yesterday was a disaster for me. I fought back by mentally listing 5 things to be thankful for. That did really help, but in hindsight, I could have turned my day completely around if I had studied peace.

    Third, think… What would Jesus do if He had my current problems? What would Paul do? How would he think, and react?

    Fourth, David was a disaster, then a great example. When you need peace, read a Psalm, or, search “Best Psalm for Peace.”

    Fifth, quitting sin is vitally important. And, being the person who is a shining light handling life’s problems is vitally important.

    Finally, it is shocking how we can fight back life’s challenges when we attack with scripture and prayer. Plus, doing that is a great attack on bad habits.