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    To think right means to think the opposite of wrong. If we are not happy with someone close to us, thinking bad about them is wrong. Thinking right is to think about contentment and love, then to pray about contentment and love.

    Second, to allow anxiety or anger to rule us is wrong. To think right consider having a couple of Bible verses in your phone to fight the negative emotion. Then think about those verses, then write a couple of short prayers about the specific emotion.

    Third, some days do stink. But there will be another tomorrow. Praise the Lord, get tough, and give thanks that a better day is coming.

    Fourth, work stinks, school stinks, and _______ stinks. Don’t keep thinking about those things. Give thanks for good things, then think about helping others. Then pray about helping others.

    Finally, we all take time to think about what is bad about our lives. To think right, think about what is good about your life. Consider making it a habit to focus on what is good about your life.