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Reply To: What to Do


    Bad emotions lead to depression. If you start to become angry, discontent, stressed, or any of a dozen negative emotions… Panic. Negative emotions lead to darkness and darkness leads to bad habits. Yesterday I noted that praising the Lord 100 times is a top 7 way to quit. Why? Because that praise is “fighting” negative emotions.

    Second, exercise. Aerobic activity fights stress and fights negative emotions. Consider picking an exercise and then try to make it a habit.

    Third, give thanks. It is a Bible command after all… “In everything give thanks.” Satan wants you mad at your wife/husband, job, and everything else. Instead, list what you are thankful for.

    Fourth, attack your negative emotions with scripture. I just clicked “Verses frustration.” I scrolled down to the Open Bible list. Wow, it is great. Consider making it a habit to do this when your worst negative emotion flares up.

    Fifth, realize you can do something. I have prob given 20 things “To do,” in my last dozen or so articles. Consider starting a notebook that has “To do,” written on its cover. Then, the next time your emotions attack, you will have something to do. Having something “To do” is a top 5 trick for fighting temptation.

    Sixth, when you are fighting desperately against negative emotions, having something to do won’t be as fun as a vacation in paradise. So always remember… You are doing this replacement activity as work. As fighting back. As a powerful technique to get you through to where life gets good again. Plus…when you make it safely, life will start to get better and better.