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Reply To: Pleasure

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    As we read the verses for quitting we realize, God hates drinking/drugs. If I say to boycott a movie because it glorifies partying, people will have a cow.
    God’s verses about drinking/drugs were less important than my pleasure. Consider praying:
    “Father, take away my love of sinful pleasure, and help me to hate drinking/drugs.”
    If you turn instantly from a movie that glorifies partying, you may learn something. #1 You may learn a good technique for avoiding falling. #2 You may learn that God condemns sin because it keeps us from love, joy, peace, and other fruits of the Spirit. #3 You may learn that wrongful behavior from the past did not satisfy.
    Second, pray to fear drinking/drugs and to fear the destruction the addiction causes. Consider praying:
    “Father, show me why I should fear this habit.”
    Finally, this is a war. Those who win the war will work more on quitting. Those who win the war will trust God more. He says, “Life is better without intoxication.” Believe Him.