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    Use notes to remind you of what you should be thinking about. Have a list of 8 healthy things you should be thinking about. Maybe 4 things that are productive and 4 that are spiritual.

    Think about:
    1. Praying and going to war with negative emotions
    2. A challenge you overcame
    3. A goal you have achieved
    4. How obedience will lead to God’s blessing
    5. How you can find your God-given purpose
    6. How running from drinking/drugs is smart. Then pray for help again
    7. An accomplishment you can be proud of
    8. Someone you have helped
    9. Problems will pass. With Jesus life will go on
    10. Someone who you would like to emulate (be more like)
    11. What you believe to be most important in life
    12. A character trait you would like to develop
    13. How your life is different because of Jesus
    14. A time you felt God was close to you
    15. A piece of music that lifts your spirits
    16. A Scripture you find meaningful
    17. What it feels like to worship God
    18. The fact the others went through similar circumstances, and are free now
    19. The Bible says to praise the Lord
    20. Consider repeating often: I will think in a positive way
    Be aggressive with casting down sinful thoughts and replacing them with healthy thoughts.
    Consider praying: “Father, show me how wrong thoughts poison my life.”
    Print out your own cheat sheet of new thoughts and look at your paper so often that it wears completely out. If you like this list, wear it out instead.