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    Satan will be right there fighting with you if you are determined to replace what he wants you to do with new activities.

    Pray: “Father, help me to get active.”

    Satan is even more upset if you decide that sin is the problem.

    Pray: “Father, show me how fighting sin will improve my life.”

    Psalms 23 starts: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Wow! When we do things God’s way we will not “want” for anything.

    Satan says to skip your daily Bible reading, skip going to church. But if you listen to him you start to cut God’s promises out of the Bible. One after another.

    Satan reminds you that you struggle to spend time in prayer. Here is what to do if you are determined to learn how to pray, but the truth is – you have no idea how to do it. Read a chapter in the Bible. Pray about it or anything on your heart. Read one article from this site, pray about it for 5 minutes. Read another article from here, pray 5 minutes, read Christian books or articles, pray 5 minutes about them, rinse and repeat for an hour.

    Five-star spiritual activities are spectacular for quitting. These include daily Bible study, prayer, getting together with other believers, studying quitting techniques, and helping others. Make it a priority to do your spiritual activities first. Then, make it a priority to add practical activities. For most people, both are needed.