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Reply To: Alternative Activities are Vitally Important

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    Wikihow wrote: “Build a support network for yourself. Overcoming your addiction will be easier if you have lots of support. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones who will be there for you.”

    Consider praying: “Father, help me to turn from intoxication, and fill me with Your love.”
    There are two reasons to increase in love. First, the Bible says to do that. Second, when we increase in love the support network (that we need) will be stronger for us.

    Wikihow added: “Additionally, join a support group to help you get through the tough times and celebrate your successes. To give yourself the best chances, start seeing a therapist or counselor who can help you create a treatment plan and work through the issues that led to your addiction.
    Choose a support group that shares your core beliefs. Some programs are based around religion, so you might prefer a group that speaks to your beliefs.”

    Even in my tiny town, one can see a Christian counselor at a reasonable price. If that is not available see if you can find a pastor or a priest.

    Second, realize who can help you. Many of us have a family member or friend who could give us all kinds of advice about quitting habits. Even if you can’t tell them what you are quitting, just tell them you keep slipping into bad habits. Who knows, they may, or may not have advice, but they may be willing to do “activities” with you. We need alternative activities.

    If you always slip up when you get bored tell your support network that. Then they will better know how to support you.

    Third, be highly intentional in setting up time to spend with family and friends. If you are lonely pray every day about “trying” to be intentional in spending time with people. My brother is single and he “always” tries to make friends with a bunch of people. He is grumpy and opinionated, but sooner or later, he makes friends. Keep trying!

    Last, pick a new activity and try it every day this week for 10 minutes. Keep trying things until you find activities that you enjoy doing. Note: always make your new activity a Spiritual experience. You are not doing that activity for a 5-star thrilling experience. You are doing it to try to implement activities that are pleasing to God. To find activities that will distract you. To form habits of “clean” activities.
    So pray a prayer before you start. Say “Praise the Lord” after you wreck a pop song while trying to learn how to play the guitar. Act like David from the Bible when you try new things. He would probably do a little dance for God before he would start a new woodworking hobby.

    Finally, realize that doing the new activity is the win. Finding something you really love at some point is better, but one way or the other… celibrate the win. You did an alternative activity. You are starting to do things God’s way.