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    We need to know exactly what we are working on to conquer drinking/drugs, today, this week, and this month. To start, it is vital to form a habit of spending a block of time at quitting sites “every” day. Consider setting¬†a time and setting an alarm.
    Second, work on the #1 thing you need to change for the month as often as possible. You can copy and paste any of my articles into a Word file or Google doc so that you have a huge # of tips to fight against the #1 thing that causes you to fall.
    Third, think about the 10 issues that cause you to fall or get down. Things like anger, depression, bad emotions, people problems, or hopelessness. Take extra notes when you read articles that are about things that often affect you.
    Fourth, solve today’s problems if possible. Today I am not content with anything. So, I have already prayed a dozen times: “Father, help me to be content.” I will probably pray it another dozen times. To solve today’s problems try putting your issue in the search. So for today, I could put “content, or contentment” in the search at this site. That technique often works, but if it doesn’t you can put your issue in a Google search. They certainly have a lot of advice for many problems. One can also put “content, Christian.” Then Google will bring up articles on both subjects so that you will get more information that is Bible oriented.
    Every day, at the same time, consider working on changes you need to make for today and for this month. It will give you the skills you need to succeed.