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Reply To: Emotions


    One key to getting back up after a slip-up is to attack a base problem that helped lead to the slip-up.
    We can’t allow things like frustration, regret, self-pity, or 100 things like that to sink us. When we do a Google search “Verses frustration” we now have something we can print out or write down to study and pray over so that God can help us think and act in a new way.
    People hurt people verbally and in other ways. We all experience it. But when it upsets us we have two options. First, we can dig into scripture, pray about what it says, and learn and grow. Or, we can let it fester until it drags us down in darkness.
    Today, start to make it a habit to attack basic problems and issues that start to drag you down. Consider praying:
    “Father, teach me how to handle _________.” Insert what sinks you into the blank. Or:
    “Father, give me wisdom to learn how to overcome ________.”
    To find joy we need to overcome day in and day out. In order to do that we need to realize that millions of people have overcome the frustration, or ________ that we struggle with.
    Today, improve your expertise in learning how to allow scripture to help you to overcome.
    Last, improve your expertise in attacking “before” you are dragged totally into the mud. The earlier in the process that you start to fight back, the more often you will avoid a future fall.