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    I sin and sometimes am too casual with how I repent. When I do that things like anger and other emotions get out of control. Yesterday I sinned and decided that I needed to pray a lot more aggressively in that type of situation to turn from sin. I spent zero time mourning my sin, I went straight to planning how I would not do it again.
    Planning how I would not do it again was the right move, it was just at the wrong time. First I needed to say how sorry I was for it. Second it would have been wise to acknowledge that once again I was underestimating the seriousness of my actions.
    Then, it may have been a good time to plan how to avoid it again.
    Yesterday I had a troublesome day. I thought it was because of the people around me. But it was more how I was way too casual in making things right with God.
    Second, blatant sin leads to overwhelming temptation. Fighting to do things God’s way helps us regain some control so we can fight back.
    When we take time to mourn our sin, we allow God time to help us understand “why” the action was such a problem in the first place. Then we make progress.