Quitting Drinking Through Prayer
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Quitting Drinking Through Prayer

Satan gives you temptations but the Holy Spirit gives you inspirations. You choose which idea’s that you will focus on. Invite the Holy Spirit to give you idea’s on how to quit drinking today. Quitting drugs is the same.

Realize, “I have a new ability to say no.” You need to learn how to tap into that power. Romans 8:9 says that you are now controlled by the Holy Spirit living in you. When you are at war with sin, the Holy Spirits power will go to war with your addiction.

Write down 3 sin distractions that dominate you and keep the Spirits power on hold. Next pray about these 3 sin distractions : Father take away my spirit of _______ and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Father take away my spirit of _______ and fill me with your love. Father take away my spirit of _______ and fill me with a caring for souls.

If you are sincere, these are powerful quitting drinking prayers that you can pray several times per day for the rest of your life. 2nd Timothy 1:7 says that the Spirit gives us power and self-control. The more you have the Holy Spirit in you, the more self-control you will have.

These prayers pour gasoline on the fire of the Holy Spirit in you. You are either feeding the fire of your lust for ___ or you are feeding the fire of the Holy Spirit. Don’t spend one second thinking about or feeding the fire of sinful ____.

A Christian who is quitting drinking through prayer aggressively feeds the right fire. Satan does tempt me starting with the first minute of the day. But he runs away as soon as I pray one of these prayers. Then he stays away while I keep praying them. Many of our prayers take years to be answered. But these prayers are quicker. This is what Jesus wants. He wants repentance, change, a genuine relationship. He wants you to tell Him to take out of you the things that keep the Holy Spirit from filling you  fully.

Next rewire what you think about. Proverbs 23:7 says “For as a man thinks, so is he.” My thoughts control my life, but I can control my thoughts. We choose what we think about. We need to exercise the correct choices more often.

I don’t fast forward past smut on TV because I am a goody two shoes. I fast forward because I refuse to give control of my mind to satan. Once I give him control, he will keep it for days or even weeks. When he has control, bad things happen. When bad things happen I start to do the one thing I should not do.

Pray and be focused at all times on what you should do. If you are always doing what you should be doing – you won’t have time to drink.