Day 21 for Drugs and Drinking No More: Ways to Quit Drugs
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Drugs and Drinking no more, A 40 day program: Day 21

Magic Lever
What if we could pull a magic lever and never be tempted by our addiction ever again? While there is no magic lever there is a lever.  In some ways there is a liver. Some have pulled it 55% of the way down, others 65%, others 80% but only a few pull it 100% of the way down. The reason the lever is not pulled all the way down is because the farther we pull it the harder it gets to continue.

55% pull – many have developed some skill in fighting addiction. Changed thinking, awareness of triggers etc. Other have that plus have added a real relationship with Jesus including Bible study and pray – putting them at 65%. Temptation gets lighter.

Others have all that plus now they are fighting to find their purpose, help others and let people know about their exciting relationship with Jesus. A new light filled way of life and an 80% pull. Temptation has decreased quite a bit – they have a lot of others important things to focus on.

Proverbs talks about a 100% pull:   Proverbs 3:5-6 New International Version (NIV) Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

In all your ways submit to him: this is where the pull gets really hard. But remember the reward “He will make your paths straight.” We all underestimate how great our lives will be when He makes our paths straight.

I know someone who always Trusts and always submits to God. Their life is great and they are always filled with joy. But it is really hard work to submit in all your ways. Are you up for the challenge?

Church is often an important factor in overcoming addiction. The right Pastor or Priest is even more important. We need to attend a Church that will consistently help us to fight addiction. A Church that will help us to never look back at the addiction that has caused us much pain and destruction. A Church that has a leader who will help us to increase our learning about how to conquer addiction until we are expert at it. A Church that has wise counsel so that we can learn rapidly. Many of you have attended Church for years but you will be shocked to hear me say that the Bible says over 100 times that we are to fear the Lord. A great Church teaches what the Bible teaches. They will teach you to obey the commandments because of a fear of the Lord.

Are using drugs or drinking a Biblical sin? We must refer to first Corinthians 6 to get more information. It says that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of heaven! 2000 years ago drugs were not a problem when the New Testament was written. It may be that any habitual intoxication will suffer the same fate. Why is intoxication a deadly sin?
A person is made up of Spirit, Soul and Body. Certain sins fully divide us from God . A person who idolizes intoxication is worshiping the wrong thing. The Bible says we cannot serve God and sinful pleasure. Intoxication makes the body comes first instead of the Spirit. Run from sins that quench the Spirit.  If you are struggling badly at this time don’t give up! Keep fighting – tomorrow we will talk about how Jesus Christ is your advocate and how He will go to the Father for you.

If you want to quit drugs and drinking study the Bible books of Matthew and 1 Corinthians.  Then make it a priority to find a great Church. Drugs and Drinking are habits that church can help with. Find a Church that teaches obedience. Make a list of Churches you want to try. After you visit each one make an appointment with the Pastor or Priest to meet with them to see how much help they can give you with your addiction.

Find a church that is against committing the same deadly sins over and over again. Deadly sins are very specifically listed such as: All liars will have their place in the lake of fire or murderers will not inherit the Kindom of Heaven. They say you will go to hell if you continue to commit them. Sometimes you have to decide if you are going to believe the Preacher/Priest or the Bible. Find a church that teaches obedience.

Some of you are currently attending a Church that says; our Church is the only way to Heaven. If they are not helping you with your addiction switch Churches right away. If what they are teaching is not helping you, that is 100% proof that they are not the only way.

So what Churches are good? Sometimes the Assembly of God or the Nazarine Churches are good, sometimes they are not. Ask people that you know; what Churches around here really help people change for the better? Then try them and see if they are good for you. The only Christ following Churches that I would avoid are the Jehovah’s Witness (who subtract multiple verses from the Bible saying they are not true) and the Mormons (Who add multiple verses to the Bible from the writings of a very mixed up man).

To leave this habit completely you need to know that Christianity is right. If you do not believe That Christianity is the one way to God you have two choices. First you can try it and see that Gods power and love will come into your life. Second you can read the Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. This book outlines the physical and Scientific evidence that shows that Jesus did die on the cross and that He is the way the truth and the life.

Believing the Bible allows you to live in the light. It allows you to fight your way to joy through a relationship with Jesus. Find a Church that believes every verse in the Bible because it will be led by a Pastor who has real answers for you.

This week make it your written goal to find a great Church that can help you. Lastly keep working on your own to seek out help about addiction from experts, groups, books, web sites and everything else we can get help from.

Continue to read the Purpose Driven Life

If you are on track great; if not review the red letters from day 5.

If you would like to start living in God’s blessing pray: “Father – I plan to start doing things your way, obeying your commands, studying the Word. Please bless me when you are ready to do so. I am planning to do my part and I will patiently wait for you to bless me when the time is right.” 

Read John 18, 2nd Corinthians 2, Proverbs 16

Thankyou for reading day 21: Ways to quit drugs.

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