Sample of my book: How Jonny Quit Drugs
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Sample of my book: How Jonny Quit Drugs

How Jonny Quit Drugs

Tim Hofflander



Location: The Country of Light

Year: The Present

I’m transported to war room D. Intensity is high as our secret service leader prepares to speak. Jehoel is a twelve foot, short tipped angel with gold and tan accents on his curved wings. Bushy eyebrows, a full tan beard, and a large nose are a unique look for an angel of his prominent status.

Your life depends on your ability to convince the enemy you are someone they can trust,” he says. “This week you will become experts in deception. The mission you are training for is an attack on sector H51. We need all the latest information on their cutting edge hooked up generation program. This raid will give us the most up to date information on how they’re attacking so effectively.” As he pauses, I can hear a stunning rendition of Hallelujah being sung in the next room.

The three of you will be responsible for infiltrating the sector 51 area,” he says. “You will set up a distraction which will allow one of you to place surveillance bugs in the room.”

In what country is sector H51 located,” I ask.

Well,” he pauses and clears his throat. “It’s not a country, it’s um, it’s hell!”

One of the girls looks abruptly at me with her mouth wide open. Chills run down my spine.

The three of you are the team and you will have assigned names and cover stories. Which one of you is code name, Salena Sensai?”

A stunning looking Dutch girl with curly blond hair raises her hand. Looking at her he says, “The goal is for you to be brash and confident, a woman of the night who knows it all and does it all. Your job will be to flirt with the guard. He will be alone and you need to get him out of there. What is your approach to accomplishing this?”

The number one priority for me is to bump him on accident while he is a-goin to the target room. Maybe act like I’m fixin’ to find someone. One question I might could have is – how is he going to see me, if hell is outer darkness?”

Jonny can answer that best since that’s his area.”

My gift is that of a fire starter,” I say. “Fires break out all the time in various places in hell. My plan is to have a fire break out near you when he passes by. It’s hard to see anyone in that darkness, but at least he will get a short glimpse of you.”

“Hopefully he likes what he sees,” she says. “That way when I show up at his door later, he will take on with me and never suspect I am the enemy.”

We only have two girls in the room,” he says. “You must be, Veronica Vesnies?”

Veronica answers curtly, “That’s me.”

He stares for a second at her, caught a bit off guard by her brashness.

“At what point will you be involved in the mission?”

“At first contact point, I will be in heavy goth makeup. If he sees me with Salena, my black eye shadow and black lipstick will sell the illusion that we fit right in. As you all can see, this look indicates that I’m into darkness. My thought is, when we make contact with the target, I will aggressively attract his attention. Then Salena will give him that dazzling smile.”

“A good plan,” Jehoel says. “Thirty to forty minutes later Salena will wander over to H51. What is the plan when you make the second contact with the target, Salena?”

“To act like I am right frustrated by the horrible hell experience. I will ask him if he has a mind to go to my room which is just a few blocks away.”

“I think you need to get him to ask you,” I say. “It might be less suspicious to play a little hard to get.”

“Salena’s way is better,” Veronica snaps, and she glares at me.

“Settle down,” Jehoel says calmly. “Let’s try it Jonny’s way, but if that does not work you need to be as aggressive as needed to get the job done. It’s just plain nasty down there. When the Bible says weeping and gnashing of teeth in hell, we think of someone crying for three minutes. Down there they are crying for thirty hours. Quite frankly, the crying, darkness and depression, it gets on my nerves.”

“What if he says he can’t rightly leave his post,” Salena asks?

With a wicked laugh, Veronica says, “Tell him with a pouty look – I will never wait around for guys who aren’t interested in me.”

“Yeah, then back away and I will start a fire right by you so he can see he is missing a once in a lifetime opportunity,” I say.

Salena smiles at me and says, “Thank you,” while blinking coyly in my direction.

Veronica glares at me. “She has some very dark looks for,”

Interrupting my thoughts she says angrily, “You two have your fun and I will try to hold the mission together! Jonny, can you make sure you try to keep eyes on her at all times!

“Relax,” says Jehoel. “Jonny, it is your job to keep eyes on her at all times.”

“That sounds good,” I say smiling at the now livid Veronica.

“Okay,” Salena says. “If you would best like to flirt with Jonny, you can have him.”

“I absolutely have less than no interest in Jonny in any way, shape, or form,” she exclaims defiantly.

The room gets silent as Jehoel looks at us with a pained expression.

Then Salena softly whispers, “Good.”

Veronica looks at her aghast. But Salena stares straight ahead.

After a long awkward pause, Salena asks, “Do people do what I’m acting like I am Fixin’ to do with our target in hell?”

“I have been there quite a few times, and they sure don’t seem to. There does not seem to be any pleasure down there,” Jehoel says.

“How do I know he will even try to get with me?”

“We have fully vetted him. The guard in H51 is a man who is obsessed with lust. Whether he can have it or not, our spies tell us they think he will try if the opportunity arises.”

“They think?” She clenches her teeth and stares at him.

“Well, no plan is perfect. You were picked because of your ability to roll with the changes and get the job done. And as much as Veronica here likes to make trouble, she has great talent once she is in real action,” he says glaring at Veronica.

Veronica smiles and flutters her eyelids for a moment at Jehoel, and she went right back to scowling again.

“Jonny,” he says. “If something goes wrong, what is your plan?”

“I will get right in there and admit to being a friend of Salenas. If that does not work, I will resort to any level of violence needed to get her out of there. A safe house is set up 2/3rds of the way to the room Salena is hoping to take the guard to. If drastic action is needed we will all retreat to that location.”


“Will be there,” she mumbles softly without looking up.

Jehoel stares at her, contemplating whether she needs to be replaced.

“When Salena gets the guard moving, I will be about fifty feet in front of them,” V says in a slow monotone voice. “Providing backup and making sure nothing happens when she gets him to the room.”

“Meanwhile I will enter H51 and place three or four bugs there,” I say enthusiastically. “From then on we will be able to monitor their activities and plans from our war room in heaven.”

“It’s high risk, but this plan is our only option,” Jehoel says. “Of course we will have backup, but they will have to fight their way in. You probably won’t still be alive by the time they get to you.”

Salena’s eyes get big and her mouth drops open, “Wow,” she pauses. “How much time till this here show starts?”

“Right now.”


“Okay, one hour. All three of you will be processed as new entrants to hell.”

“How should we know that we will be able to make contact with each other,” Salena asks?

“You will enter hells gates at the same time. You can stay together since you all will be involved in a fatal, semi-truck hits car accident.”

“When people go to hell, can dey hang out with their friends all the time?” asks Salena.

“Not really,” says Jehoel. “In the eternal darkness, the fun is gone. Their old friends are weeping and moaning not cracking jokes. Ask a fireman who fights wildfires for four to eight straight days how much fun it’s to have the sun completely blotted out. You can’t see and you are breathing smoke and coughing twenty-four hours a day. In hell, you won’t get any pleasure from hanging out with former friends. Down there it’s all bad news, the fun has ended.

“That’s all I have, thank-you for your attention. Jonny, you can finish the meeting.”

“Thank you,” I say, as V gives me a sour look.

“Once we are in hell, we will all go to the safe house. Keep in mind that normal people in hell just roam around trying to fill their empty void. If we have that same lifeless expression on our faces, we will fit right in.”

An hour later I’m in a car spinning out of control and stopping directly in the oncoming traffic’s lane. Next to me, Salena and Veronica are in a car smashed into mine. We all look up and a semi-truck comes roaring over the hill and blasts into all of us.

The next thing I see is the very crowded incoming room in hell. The smoke-filled room is poorly lit by fire. Sullen workers are silently pushing people in a variety of directions. A lady is laying in the corner crying and a depressed worker is trying to get her moving with a blank expression on his face. A thirty-year-old man is cowering in fear right in front of us. Seems like the workers don’t like him at all. A few minutes later I follow the ladies to the safe house.

Once inside Salena says, “Let’s get this done fast. This darkness terrifies me and when the fires do light up you see bad things.” Veronica nods in horror.

“This place smells like a rotten pig burning in an old shoe,” I say. “In an hour, as the guard is walking to work, you run into him. Let’s get this done.

“The sooner the better,” Veronica says.”

An hour later, I follow about fifty feet behind the ladies as they walk towards the mark. As they reach him, I start a fire next to them, so he can get a glimpse of them.

Veronica bumps him, flashes that dangerous smile and says, “Why are you running into me hot stuff?”

“This is the highlight of my rotten day,” he says.

Her flirtation abruptly stops, and she gives him an evil glare.

“Veronica stop it, he has the look,” Salena says with a dazzling smile.

If by “the look,” you mean the grayish, sooty, burntish look.

“How you doing,” says the target?

“How-do,” says Salena.

“I am Marty, he says. His ears look quite wide on his head since soot is all that remains where his hair once was. He is a short, skinny man who is always gnashing his teeth and moaning when he is not talking.

“This is Veronica Vesnies and I is Salena Sensai.” She silently flutters her eyelids at him.

“Mmmmmm, you ladies need to stop at sector H51, I need some company.”

“Yeah right buddy,” Veronica says with a smirk.

But Salena gives him a little smile and softly says, “See you later sweety.”

Once out of earshot Salena says, “That was perfect, I will give him an hour and swing on by.”

Fifty-five minutes later Salena returns to H51. “Come on in,” Marty says.

“I is not hanging around bored with you at work,” says Salena.

“How bout we meet after work. My place is less than ten blocks away.”

“Naw man let’s get up to my place right now. It’s five blocks yonder and there is a fire burning right next to it – we can see there.

“I can’t leave my post.”

Well, I can’t wait around until you are off work. It’s now or never.” Please say yes. The crying, the sounds, this place is driving me mad.

“Sorry baby. Guess we got nada to talk about.”

“Yelling loud enough for Veronica to hear she screams, “ Why you wasting my time.”

“After work only,” he mumbles with a sad look.

Veronica runs over, “Salena, is this jerk rejecting you. Why do you throw yourself at men? This guy ain’t nothing. I don’t like this jerk at all,” she says as she glares at him with her face an inch from his nose.

Yeah, but I like you,” he says staring at V. That’s a good development.

“What is the prob with this loser,” V asks, turning to Salena? Besides him being ugly and boring?

“He can’t leave work long enough to go five blocks to get with me.”

“No I can’t and I won’t,” he says.

“Girl, you are desperate,” says V.

“I likes him and waiting is not my style,” Salena says in her spunky way.

“Girl, do I got to solve all your problems? I think there is a place a block away. That way this loser won’t miss much.

I listen from behind a garbage can in the dark thirty feet away; brainstorming how to get multiple bugs installed if they only go one block. There will not be enough time.

“Marty, why are you guarding an empty room anyways,” V asks? “Are you making sure rats don’t invade the place?”

“I don’t know why. Nothing much is in here and no enemy has ever tried to get in here.”

“You act like Satan himself will be killed if this empty room is invaded. Come on Salena, he is happy guarding this ghastly room, he doesn’t like us.”

“I like both of you,” he says staring at V. He is alive after all.

“When and where do you like us,” Veronica says with a tiny flirting smile as she walks over and gently moves her shoulder next to his.

“Right now, one block from here, I like both of you.”

“Let’s go,” Veronica says as she turns and starts down the street with Salena following.

Marty pauses and takes a long look in each direction and stays put.

“Don’t worry about it Marty,” V says. “We will find someone else. We will circle back to you in about five years.” She starts walking away without even looking back. Salena follows, but then turns and waves for Marty to follow. Finally, she raises her hands, exasperated and speeds up to catch Veronica. The sound of him running behind them is good and bad. The quicker he catches up, the sooner they will reach the one block point. “We have to delay him,” V whispers. Salena sprints back to him with V right behind her. They both giggle like school girls as they hug him to slow him down. Salena looks like she is about to barf, as she touches his peeling flesh.

I rush into H51 and begin jamming V bugs into cracks in the burnt stone walls. Why is there no wood in hell? Oh… it must burn up to fast. The stone podium also has a nice crack, another perfect hiding place for the burnt black V bugs. Without pausing, I rush out the door and sprint after the ladies.

Within ten seconds Marty yells, “Where is the house? Are you for real?”

“Sorry, that opening in the rocks we passed was the spot I was thinking of and there were already several people in there,” V says. A loud screeching noise jolts me, but Marty ignores it.

“Now this is ticking me off,” he yells. “If they catch me away from my post I might get a good beating. This silliness is over, maybe I will find you two after work and teach you a lesson.”

“What is the problem,” I yell while running to catch up.

“Who are you, a jealous husband? He yells as he steps menacingly towards me. You freshees – there is no such thing as marriage in hell.”

A large warrior demon walks over to the group just as I get to the scene. He has a gray face, a protruding jaw, and shoulders twice as wide as any humans. One of his huge shoulders is crispy, looking like it has been grilled. “Is that you Marty,” he asks, glaring at him. “Why are you not at your post?”

“These two wretches lured me away from H51.”

“We did,” Veronica says. “But now that we have someone better to take to his place, I’m interested,” she says staring with admiration at the large creature.

“No interest in you woman,” says the huge demon with a scowl on his face.

“Why,” says V sternly, putting her face inches from his.

How can she keep up this act when we are about to die?

“Okay, some interest. But unlike deserter Marty, nothing happens till my shift ends.”

“For you, if I’m still around, we can meet up. For this Marty guy, not a chance,” Veronica says with a smirk.

The large demon turns, laughs at Marty and says, “Scurry on back to your post, you lowlife Marty. These freshees are harmless. Two more dumb newbies who can’t comprehend that hell ain’t no fun.”

“I’m going to have my fun,” V says.

“How long you been here,” the large demon asks?

“One day.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble on your first day, but you ain’t gonna have no fun down here. You can try, but you won’t succeed.”

“Why are you fixin’ to get with Veronica if there is no fun involved,” asks Salena?

“Because there is nothing better to do. After you wander around for a while, you will realize you might as well forget about fun and get with the program. Join the war against God to give you at least a little distraction.”

That reeks since I’m about the fun,” V says. “Surely, there is someplace in hell more fun than this one.”

“Most freshees wander around for a few months before they accept reality,” the huge demon says. “Truth is, I have not accepted reality myself. But let’s all start accepting it now. We are not gonna dance in the rain, we will never have any fun. Why don’t you freshees get out of here,” he says, with a glare.

No need to ask us twice,” Veronica says as she glares right back at him.

As we leave, the demon says to V, “I do like you, you have moxie.”

We make the four-minute trip to the safe house. Once inside we are instantly transferred back to heaven.

“How did it go,” Jehoel asks?

“The mission was a complete success, but hell was horrible,” Salena says.

“I was short on time for placing the bugs,” I say. “But the podium had a perfect crack in it. The signal should transmit loud and clear.”

“Great,” Jehoel says. “Follow me into XAD, which is the broadcast room.”

We walk into a small room filled with recording equipment and speakers. “Our Intel indicates they will have a meeting at 9 AM tomorrow. We will listen to it here and find out exactly how they’re running such a successful drug program on earth,” he says.

The beautiful sounds of singing and violins allow me to finally relax. I like this place a lot better.

The next morning, I walk into XAD and Veronica is back to her usual feisty self.

“I hope we learn something about Marty,” V says. “If we do, maybe we can go back and pound on him. He got on my nerves.”

At 9 AM the broadcast from hell begins.

“Molech, we are all here; start it up,” says a raspy, low-pitched female voice.

An eerie silence in the room, shows the respect that Molech commands.

“Another record number of people started on drugs this week, plus a record number have continued to use,” he says. “Zepar, your work has been outstanding. What are you doing?”

“I focus on influencing leaders of small groups of humans. Getting centers of influence to talk about how great parties are. How fantastic the drug of choice that they love is. I want them to focus on fun. My leaders are trained by me to be condescending to anyone who dares to talk about the destruction involved.

Taking down Christians is my goal. This is done by popping thoughts of drugs in their minds. Then I make sure they casually hear about that great party.”

“Why do you have the most success?” Molech asks.

“No one has any idea I’m putting subtle thoughts in their head. Other demons use heavy metal music or the promise of power. While that works as well, it’s only half as effective as my method of using normal people to lead others astray. A college quarterback, or a popular worker in a factory, or the person in the neighborhood everyone likes to hang with. I race to and fro with about ten of these leaders and subtly influence them on how to get the most people in.”

“Abadon, you have a question,” Molech asks?

“Yes, I’m getting a lot of people in by steering them to witchcraft books and TV shows. But my numbers are only ½ of yours. What do you suggest?”

“Try being subtle, trick them. Get people interested in or obsessed with something they hope is okay. Then sprinkle all that innocent propaganda with a little info on how there is freedom, fun, and excitement outside of Gods world. Remember, it’s more important to start a Christian down a wrong path than it is to keep normal people on our wrong path. My huge numbers come from tricking people who are trying to follow Christ. But now, they’re thinking about what I want them to think about. Once I have their mind, they will be dragged under.”

“Beautiful,” says Molech. “Pharzuph, You are number two on our list. What are you doing?”

“I try to get people to prioritize anything that will form an obsession. Then I use this obsession to increase the void in their lives. Obsessions and overindulgence always lead to frustration. Once people are in this condition, they will want and almost need drugs when they’re offered to them.”

“Expand on that. Do you also try to get people to do things that are half innocent fun? Things that really work to our advantage?”

“I pile up huge numbers by getting men to believe that just a touch of nudity or sex on TV is fine. Or that hanging with the wrong crowd for just a little while is okay. Both of these activities leave them desperately wanting more and frustrated. My next step is to pass the lust freaks over to Pornitius, who grabs them by the neck and gets them obsessed with porn. He then hands them over to Deduges who gets them back on drugs.

It’s the same with people who hang with the wrong crowd. They don’t even need to spend much time with the wrong crowd. I just need them spending enough time, so they once again focus on the good old days. I help them to greatly exaggerate the fun they had. All of the destruction is forgotten. Then they’re passed off and I got them as well.”

“What is your number one focus to get people who don’t have one of these two issues,” Molech asks?

“I watch people to see what gets them to go off the rails. Two examples: This week I used parents and coworkers to get my marks riled and frustrated. They stayed in turmoil until they were safely back on drugs.”

“That’s well done,” Molech says. “Many of you can learn from Pharzuph. You get max numbers by sinking Christians. Way too many of you are focusing on ruining the lives of the people we already have. Pharzuph is sinking Christians by tricking them. Subtly changing their thoughts. Well done, we meet again tomorrow.”

“Wow,” V says. “That was intense.”

“They really work as a team to get folk on drugs,” Salena says.

“We have a team as well,” I say. “What is hindering us from working together like that?”

“Nothing,” Jehoel says. “When Christians are fighting to get the sin out, we help them as a team. But if humans keep going back to consistent sin, our team falls apart. We have so much work to do. One by one we drop off the job to help others.

“With a dedicated Christian, sin decreases, allowing us to join together to help that person, so they can help others, begin to bear fruit and spread the Gospel.”

“One thing stands out to me,” V says. “Christians get off sin and then do nothing.”

“Right, when they get the sin out, we need to communicate clearly that they need to learn to worship God,” Jehoel says. “Start a focus on being filled with the Holy Spirit and finding their purpose.”

“What happens when they focus on these things,” I ask?

“They get a whole team of angels helping them and their lives become abundant.”

“What step can I take today to get Christians moving in the right direction,” Salena asks?

“Get people who struggle with drugs to go to where there is a free 45-day program, to teach people how to quit drugs and learn about real Christianity. That site gives people information on what to do, not just what not to do.”

“Jehoel, how do we counteract these ornery demons putting thoughts and temptations in peoples heads,” Salena asks?

“First of all, people need to make sure they’re not habitually thinking about the wrong things on their own. The first step is to develop habits of thinking good thoughts. But the Bible does say, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places. Even after we start to develop habits of thinking right, our opponents will fight to get us thinking about wrong things again.

When humans feel like outside powers are affecting them, they can pray that the blood of Jesus Christ will cover their life. Demons hate the blood. Most of them run away when humans repent and focus on the blood and the cross.”

“Why do some still go right back on drugs,” Salena asks?

“Once again, they need to know the Word,” Jehoel says. “The Bible says in Luke 11:25, if a house is swept clean (getting the sin out) and put in order, demons will leave you alone. But they will come back and check on you. If your house is empty, (if you are doing nothing for God and sinning again) they will return and bring with them seven more demons.

We can’t help the people who clean up and leave their house empty. But we must aggressively focus as a team to help any human that not only gets their house clean. But who also fills it up by worshiping God, while they pursue their purpose.”

“That allows Jesus to be strengthening their minds and it allows us to help them smash them drugs,” Salena says.

“Exactly,” Jehoel says. Demons have almost no power over even a new Christian if they’re 100% dedicated to getting the sin out, following Jesus and doing something for Him. The problems arise when they’re 75% dedicated, or 50%, or 30%.”

“If the demons are getting bigger numbers by sinking Christians, we have to get in there as a team when their house is swept clean and give them extra help,” I say.

“What happens when a Christian was 100% dedicated yesterday, but they’re falling apart today,” Veronica asks?

“This is where the Spiritual warfare begins,” Jehoel says. “God knows if you are genuinely confused or whether you are rebelling. The Bible says in Philippians 2 to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. When Christians pray, we can help them understand that this verse will help them get off drugs.

“It also helps to find preachers online who encourage obedience. Who give people right idea’s on what they need to do,” Salena says.

“I like that,” I say.

“I find it gripping that demons try to get people up in activities they hope are okay,” Salena says.

“Right, if they can’t sink a Christian with a direct approach, they get them sliding downhill with an activity which only, almost always leads to sin,” Jehoel says. “Almost, meaning 97% of the time.”

“That’s interesting, I reckon people who quit drugs, often quit these borderline activities and find new healthy things to do,” Salena says.

“That’s exactly right.”

“What is the priority for someone who wants to stay off drugs,” V asks.

“The church teaches Bible study and prayer which are vitally needed,” Jehoel says. But they must use what they learn, to change the way they think. Starting to develop habits of always thinking about good things. Turning instantly from bad thoughts or sins. Start to develop habits which remind them that the Bible is always right, that Gods way is always best. That Satan’s sins are short term pleasures which always cause destruction.”

“Once people hear about these techniques, they can get off of drugs,” Salena asks?

“No, they must develop a habit of focusing on reminding themselves to change the way they think several times per day,” Jehoel says. “That gives them a chance.”

“They talked about using a void in peoples lives to get them back on drugs,” I say.

“Right, people clean up and then do nothing,” Jehoel says. “Nothing is not an option. They must do something, or they will go back to drugs. In a perfect world, a person quits drugs, finds their purpose, helps others and tells them about Jesus. But the world is not perfect. We have to eat, work and live. The truth is, only a few people can live in the real world while thinking like it’s a perfect world. This rare person learns to overcome life’s normal problems. They believe Jesus love and strength is filling them so they can change the world.”

“Ah, when Jesus love fills them up, they don’t have a void,” I say.

“If they don’t have a void, they don’t need drugs,” Salena says. “But Satan always be trying to get da sin back in, to bring the void back again.”

“That’s the battle,” Jehoel says. “When you are off drugs and in the Word, your mind starts thinking right. But if sin slips in, you get the mind in a downward slide. Often leading to depression. The void returns and then you are in trouble. That’s the reason the demons want people to hang with their old buddies. Their old crowd acts so confident that everything is great. One giant pile of roses. All fun and no destruction. The crowd always over-emphasizes the fun and under-emphasizes the destruction.”

“How do we counteract that,” V asks?

“When they pray, lead them to focus on the truth. The old crowd has short term fun and massive destruction. Zero long term joy and contentment. Direct them to remind themselves of all these facts, often, when they’re forced into contact with the old crowd.

That’s it for today, we will meet in the morning for the next session.”

At 9 AM Molech begins, “This week I want to sharpen our focus on techniques for getting people to believe drugs are great for dulling their pain. Phazuph, congrats, you are number one for the week. What do you have for us?”

“I’m focusing on getting people to remember drugs the way I want them to remember them. A year ago they used drugs and forgot their problems. Despite the fact they don’t work as effectively now, I tell them that drugs will help them forgot all their problems. I tell them everything will be okay if they can get drugs. I keep them sharply focused on the bits of pain relief they get now. I do this by getting them to remember those first few highs that happened 17 or 37 months ago, that they remember being so great. I’m the king of grand illusions. One trick is to change their short time of pleasure into something big in their head. I help them change their hours of pain and frustration into something small in their minds. I tell them, this is just the way life is.”

“What do you do when some of these Christians notice that drugs are giving them problems instead of helping them to forget them,” Abadon asks?

“This is where some of you drop the ball. We have to have good timing when we remind them of the good old days. Every single one of them has a few special memories of good times or pain relief. Here is an example. They talk to their sponsor for an hour. Some of you rush back in and try to change their thoughts. Not me. I wait a few hours, let them get back into borderline sin and then get them thinking the way I want them to.

“When you rush in too fast those Christians might notice the darkness creeping into their lives. Then they might repent and pray, leading to you being kicked out again. Try these techniques: Watch for them to be frustrated, mad, losing, feeling deserted, feeling alone. Now you slip in and you can tell them anything you want, and they will listen.

“Jesus could have done something powerful for them three days ago, but if your timing is right they will listen to you. Tell them: God does not care, their parents and family do not care. Everyone spurns them except their drug friends. They will never have self-control, never have a job, the Bible is only partly true, maybe sometimes true, probably just a historic tale.

“Next, when I get them good and revved up, I pop thoughts of how great drugs are into their heads. You can see the results.”

“What mistakes do you see some of us making?” Abadon asks.

“I see some of you wasting time on people dedicated to Bible study and prayer. Christians dedicated to preparing to do something for Jesus. If you want big numbers – take the easy fruit. Leave those Christians alone. Focus on Christians who were determined yesterday. Those who want to take a bit of a break from Jesus. Those who love their sin. Those whose thoughts are straying all the time.”

“Phazuph, these are great idea’s. On the other hand, I’m unhappy with Bettabig,” Molech says. You are our hardest worker, why are your numbers way down?”

“The problem is that the people we need to bring down the most are filled with the love and joy of Jesus,” Bettabig says. “They’re hard to influence.”

“When people believe in Jesus no matter what, you are not likely to sink them,” Molech says. “Spend less time on them and more time on Christians who fiddle with sin. That’s where the numbers are.

“Today we learned about good timing. Attack Christians who are starting to get into sin, or hanging around with the old crowd. Watch for when you see them getting upset with the people trying to help them. That’s when you slip in and bring them down.

“That’s all for today. Overall, excellent work, we will see you tomorrow.”

“That was a lot of good info today,” Jehoel says. “Let’s discuss how to counteract demons getting people to believe that drugs are a great solution.”

“Getting them around the right people is one key,” I say. “People who have experience trying to dull their pain with drugs for years and can tell them the reals results. People who can tell them how the drugs solution gets weaker and weaker and more destructive every day. Help them focus on the fact it’s now pain delay, more than relief.”

“Can people ask Jesus to mind to their emotional pain,” Salena asks?

“That’s the only real answer,” Jehoel says. “Once they go to war with sin, Jesus starts to help them. When troubles come their way they need to ask Him to be their everything. To help them go through the fire they are facing. Jesus will help them see through the grand illusion the world and demons have for them.”

“I did likes how their most uppity demon said to stop harassing people who are aggressively following Christ,” Salena says.

“Prayer plus purpose seems to give people a good chance to slow down harassment,” I say.

“When struggling Christians pray, tell them to be willing to spend a lot of time with Jesus when their world caves in,” Jehoel says. “When humans are at their lowest point, they must keep fighting. When they do, Jesus helps them most powerfully. Tomorrow we need to focus. Right now, they’re winning the battle.”

At 9:02 a raspy female voice screeches, “We are ready to start already.”

“Yeah, shut up Jefer,” Molech yells and a sputtering of snickering follows.

“Sliders, you have the best numbers. What are you doing?”

“My focus is on people who believe society has rejected them. Family, friends, government, everyone. I’m using that anger to get them right back on drugs. Failure is my ticket, both real and perceived. Once they really believe there is no hope – I got em. I’m using failed jobs, failed classes at school, failed families. All people are vulnerable at these times even if they’re Christians.

“I take these events, beat on them for a while and then pass them over to my buddy Depreston who works them over for me. The next day I suggest drugs and max numbers are mine.”

“I have noticed some of you are not taking full advantage of Depreston,” Molech says. “He is an expert at taking humans hardships and turning them into a depression.”

“I use him all the time. First I do the legwork, see which Christians can’t take it anymore,” says Sliders. “With the team approach, I got max numbers yesterday from three Christians who I gave an extra day to stew. A day with Depreston softened them up and yesterday I took em down.”

Molech scans the room, “Bettabig, why can’t you team up with anyone and why are your number so bad, he asks sternly? Bettabigs head begins to shake as he leans forward, aggressively shuffling his feet in anger.

“Someone has to go after the real Christians,” he screams. “You are so pleased with these other losers landing eas – -”

“I told you yesterday, leave the dedicated Christians alone,” Molech yells as he steps forward menacingly. “Your numbers stink. Get your act together and go after the Christians who are slipping into sin. This is your last warning, or I am going to put Abadon in charge of who you go after.”

Bettabig charges to the front as he tightens his fists. His rapid breathing is making his nose move in and out.

Molech inches forward toward him and yells, “Lay one finger on me and I will show everyone that you are just as weak physically as you are mentally.” Molech spreads his eight-foot wings. They are muscular, black and terrifying. All the students lean back as far as they can in their chairs.

Bettabig retreats rapidly with his eyes bulging out of their sockets. “Sorry,” he stammers. “I will make the adjustments and get my act together.”

“People, we need order here, we have work to do, says Jefer.” He pauses and shakes his head.

“Xiety you have your best results in weeks. Share your strategy.”

“It’s funny what you said to Bettabig, because when I see a Christian sinning, I put fear all over them. High anxiety is my specialty. I’m developing expertise in understanding which fears will drive people to drugs.”

“I have worked with him before and people who were going forward with Christ, become a quivering mess when he marches in,” Abadon says. “And he is harder to get rid of than most, even for stronger Christians.”

“This brings up an important point,” Molech says. “Once you are a more accomplished worker, you can try riskier strategies. In these cases, we have the thirty-minute rule. Unless a Christian prays for thirty minutes or more, you don’t leave their area. Go back and check on them right away. You may be able to get right back in.”

“Xiety, what is your strategy for Christians who spend time in prayer?” asks Abadon.

“I look for Christians who compartmentalize Christianity,” Xiety says. “They’re all spiritual while praying or reading the Bible. But once they’re done, anything goes, and I’m right back in.”

“What I hate are those Christians who try to worship God and think about their purpose all the time – even after their devotion time,” Pharzuph says.

“Just leave those Christians for Bettabig, he likes being in the last place in the standings,” says Abadon.

Bettabig glares at him. “Enough already, I’m not going to waste my time on committed Christians this week,” he says. “The next person who brings this up will get a taste of my foot in your face. Except for Molech of course.”

“No feet in faces,” says Molech. “Before we wrap up, let us hear from Tess, who had a great day.”

“I’m using peoples tendency to work too fast and too hard. I love these Americans, push, push, push. Success is more important than happiness. I look for people who have gone over the edge from stress and I offer them a relaxing drug solution. When they enter my world, I do the same thing many of the rest of you do. I remind them every time, what they need to do when stress overwhelms them – drugs.

“I’m the master of more, more, more. More money, success, power, winning, beauty, fitness, the list is endless. Our enemy Jesus wants people to have enough, with fullness of joy. He does not understand that more is bigger, better, more impressive. But when people buy into my more is better, they just fall into my lap.”

“Lots of great idea’s today,” says Molech. Nine AM again tomorrow you knuckleheads.”

“What can we do with those folks who are rejected by society?” asks Salena.

“We need to tell them what God thinks of them,” Jehoel says. There is a great song by Lauren Daigle called “You Say” which helps people understand:”

“You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak.”

He continues, “When we think we don’t belong, Jesus reminds us that we do. Lauren tells us to believe, what Jesus says of us. And I do believe. God thinks and says great things about those who society rejects.

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