New in May 2016
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New in May 2016

We do get fooled again. Satan offers his pleasures to us, we try to resist and we give in again. We may have even considered the destruction that would go with our indiscretion but even that did not stop us. The reason we fail is because satan fooled us. He told us that it would be great, it would be different, special, something too good to pass up.

Then after we fall we realize it was not different, special, or something too good to pass up. It was sin leading to destruction with a good bit of depression and darkness thrown in. He fooled us again.

We need to realize that when we start to believe that slipping up will be something great – we have already dropped the ball in some way. Christianity in its pure form is glory, blessing and joy. Now we throw in a bit of total rebellion. Which results in our light being dimmer, our joy getting smaller and our blessing running away as fast as it can.

Paul from the Bible always had faith that Jesus’s way is best. Paul always had fullness of joy. If we hear about a great party (put in your addiction of choice here _____) and if we start to think about how great it will be we begin to demolish our fullness of joy like a wrecking ball smashes down an old building.

When we consider satans lies we are trampling over the Word of God which says Gods ways are always best.

Here is what Paul understood. Imagine that there are 50 levels of joy, light and blessing in life. He may have been on level 48 for joy and 49 for blessing. He knew that if he fell for a couple of days to satans sinful pleasure his joy and blessing would plummet down 20 or 30 levels. Sure, he could get the light of Jesus love back if he repented after a blatant sin, but other gifts of the Spirit would be quenched for a long while.

Paul had amazing faith in believing and knowing that Gods ways are always best. His joy was always unstoppable. He never fell for satans sinful pleasure through blatant rebellion even for one day. The reason he could do this was not because he was some marvel of disciple (even though he was a marvel of discipline) it was because he knew and believed that Gods ways are always best.

Paul could have been invited to the greatest Hollywood party ever, stacked with the best guests ever (for this example we will assume it is a sinful party with intoxication as a main goal). He would have been like – Oh, I have fullness of joy 16 hours a day 365 days out of the year. Why don’t I give that all up for a party?

Now maybe you don’t have fullness of joy at this time. Maybe you have no joy. But if you dedicate yourself to serving Christ the way Paul did it will not take long to have fullness of joy.

The problem is that if you stay dedicated to Christ for a week and then take a sin break you will be right back to level one (the lowest level) for joy again. Your level of blessing will be right back in the sewer again.

I am at a good level for blessing. In fact God seems annoyed with me when I don’t ask for blessings from him. We all think it would be great to be Bill Gates kids. Keep daddy happy and it is nothing for him to buy you a new million dollar car. God is the same way, live life the ways He wants it and the blessings start to flow.

I don’t want to overpromise blessings for you because most Christians will not pay the price to do what it takes to get the blessing. But I do want you to understand how life works because if you struggle for a couple of years and understand what is going wrong – at least you are starting to understand. It is not Gods fault, not your old jobs/wife’s/husbands/relatives fault.

Continuing in sin is usually the problem.

Even if you have legitimate disasters in your past, your future disasters will be brought on by sin.

Get the sin out, focus on prayer and your purpose – that is what leads to an increase in joy and blessing.

Sin’s season is always limited and short.

We don’t get fooled again!