Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 29
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Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 29

There a multitude of reasons that people have a gambling addiction. There are many reasons that you started this habit but let us first look at two reasons why many people can’t quit.

Gambling addiction is a difficult habit for two types of people. The first group are people who lack the self discipline to change. The latter group are people who see the destruction gambling causes them but when push comes to shove they just don’t care enough to change. Both groups are well aware that gambling has messed up their lives but neither group have the tools they need to overcome their inner demons.

A few people fit perfectly in the first group and some people are examples of subjects from the “we just don’t care group.” But many people are a combination of the two groups. To successfully overcome a gambling problem you need to analyze which group you are more a part of.

Take a solid twenty minutus or more to think about why you are so completely hooked on gambling.

What percentage would you give the “I just lack the discipline” part of the equation. _______

What percentage would you give the “I just don’t care” part? _______

Knowing what your reason for not being able to quit is very important because if you ignore why you can’t quit you may very well ignore the exact advice you need the most. For example if you know that your bigger problem is that you just don’t care. Then I will tell you to pay special attention when I recommend a book to inspire you. My teaching you to say three times a day that “gambling will cause me financial destruction” will not work for you because you just don’t care. But if you can read a great book that will inspire to care a little more you can start to make progress.

When we fail again

No matter what we have done today, yesterday or this month; we can still worship God! There is a Bible story about a man who had led such an evil life that he had 2000 demons living in him. But when he saw Jesus he worshipped Him. You may keep dropping the ball time and time again, so you think – Jesus wants nothing to do with me anymore. But you can still worship. I am not telling you that you get an automatic ticket to heaven because you worship God while still sinning all over the place. But I am telling you that you can still worship God, ask for forgiveness (again) and start over again. While you worship God ask Him to help you come up with a plan for change for today, this week and this month. If you develop the habit of worshipping God He will help you with your addiction. God loves to answer this type of prayer. So make a habit of worshipping God and then you can pray about your addiction with complete confidence and faith.

Continue to read the Purpose Driven Life.

Some of you feel like your life has been ruined. If this is you – read the book of Job from the Bible. Job is the story of a man who lost everything and still he did not sin or blame God.
A wise man once said that if you have a person on fire for Christ you could put anything on them and they would shake it off and still accomplish their God given purpose. So he is saying you could put on them a habit of Drugs, drinking, food, gambling, sex, porn or anything else and they would shake it off.

Why could this be true? First of all they would know for sure that they must find and accomplish their purpose. Most of us are content with doing a little bit for God here or there.

2nd they spend a lot of time in prayer. They find joy and purpose and direction from prayer. It is a priority for them.

They think that Bible reading is as important as eating. They know it changes them rapidly when they rapidly repent. They always strive to do what it says.

They find a good preacher on the TV or internet who can fill them with wisdom and they listen regularly. Robert Morris has a million sermons out there and they are very good. James McDonald is very good as well.

However one huge reason they would shake off addiction is because they have the Holy Spirit all over them and that makes them unstoppable.

If we continue to look at borderline sinful things, think about borderline sinful thoughts, take part in borderline sinful actions. If we do that we will only have a tiny bit of the Holy Spirit and we will struggle with addictions.

Spirit filled people know what they have and what they want. Most don’t know what they have and are currently very mixed up about what they want.

I want what Adam and Eve had before they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. But I will only get it if I change what I do every day. I will only get it if I live how God wants me to live.

Psalm 90:14
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.
Read Proverbs 25, Matthew 1 and 2nd Corinthians10

If you would like to start living in God’s blessing pray: “Father – I plan to start doing things your way, obeying your commands, studying the Word. Please bless me when you are ready to do so. I am planning to do my part and I will patiently wait for you to bless me when the time is right.”

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Thank you for reading day 29 of this quitting gambling program to leave this habit forever.


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