Day 19 for Gambling Freedom in 60 Days - Quit Gambling
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Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 19

Today I will review the main reasons people slip back into problem gambling. Reasons reported for relapse included the need to make money, boredom, cravings, stress, the need to fit in, and excitement-seeking.

Predictors of relapse in problem gambling: Predictors of relapse include psychological factors (e.g., the inability to cope in high risk situations, faulty beliefs about gambling odds, and impulsivity and sensation-seeking characteristics), and environmental and social factors (e.g., accessibility of gambling, acceptability of gambling among one’s social group).

Treatment and prevention of relapse: Studies on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT; in which therapists and gamblers work together to overcome thoughts and behaviors that promote gambling) suggest many participants do not relapse, at least when assessed at various follow up assessment points (e.g., 6 months, 1 year). Gamblers Anonymous is the most popular treatment for pathological gamblers, and some studies suggest it can be effective in preventing relapse. So while I am sure that Jesus Christ is the most important solution – anything that helps is good.


To survive overall in life we need to learn to maximize the good times and minimize the bad times. Why do rock stars and movie stars commit suicide? There are several reasons and we will talk about all of them. The first reason is because they dwell on the bad instead of the good. They have millions of people worshipping them and millions of dollars but, instead of thinking about that – they always think about the bad.

We must learn to think right especially in the bad times – cause if I think right, I will do right (act right). Don’t let the bad eat up the good. The devil loves for you to highlight the thing in your life that is wrong. Don’t give in to fear, defeat, hopelessness, or temptation. Your worst day will become your best day if you focus on Jesus. Philippians 4:8New International Version (NIV) says 8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. The 2nd reason rock/movie stars commit suicide is because they don’t know their creator. If you have everything and you don’t have Jesus – you have nothing. If you have nothing and you have Jesus you have everything. I personally knew 2 people who had nothing (or maybe less than nothing) in life, but they had Jesus. These 2 people always were happy and always had a purpose.

One thing from your past or present can so consume you that is causes you to miss your destiny because you won’t let it go, or you won’t focus on something else. Maybe they did do you wrong, maybe they are now doing you wrong, maybe you are divorced, maybe you were abused, but don’t let the bad eat up the good! Satan will help you focus on the horrible thing that has happened in your life. Let it go and pray to Jesus “help me to let it go” as many times as it takes to break free.

You can break free from your past and quit gambling. The best way to end old relationships is to start new ones. A Relationship with Jesus, with healthy friends, with healthy activities etc.

OK say you want to play poker because you need money. I am going to continue my interview with a professional poker player.

So you said yesterday that it is very hard for even a good poker player to beat you for a number of reasons, but are there other reasons that only less than 1 out of 100 players who try to make it in professional poker make it?

A: Yes, the rake kills aspiring poker players. Almost no one can beat the rake and you have to beat it if you are a broke up and coming player. When you sit down at the $200 max table with a $2 big blind the house has a huge edge. You win a fifty dollar pot and the house takes $5. What percentage is that? If you get this question wrong you should question whether poker is right for you. If only two people were in the pot the correct answer is 19-20%. You put in half of the money so your profit was 25. 5/25 is 20%. When you win bigger pots the rake will drop to 10-15%. The next question is; what percentage of the hands you play, do you need to win to beat the rake? I honestly don’t know the perfect answer but it has to be a high number.

Q: Wow, so for poor people who want to go pro what are the odds they can do it. A: probably one out of 800. Some pro poker players had money and started at the higher stakes tables. Most of them fail also but at least they don’t have to beat the rake. When you win an $800 pot the rake is still only $6 or maybe a $10-20 hourly fee. Maybe a rich person who can avoid the rake has a 1 in 75 chance of making it.

Q: So which aspiring gamblers should for sure quit? A: The money tells the story. I have made money every year of my poker playing career. You will hear stories that Doyle Brunson went broke 84 times. He did, but he still made money every year. He said he lost money one year out of a 50 year career.

If you don’t consistently make money gambling every year you should quit!

Thank you for giving this rare insight. A: You are most welcome.

Continue to read the Purpose Driven Life

If you are on track great; if not, review the red letters from day 4.

How to pray: many of us fall into sin and or gambling when things go wrong in our lives. Pray: Father, I need your help. I plan to stay away from sin and or gambling when things go wrong. I am commited to staying clean when things go badly. I know you have a purpose for my life. I am planning to stay clean so that I find my God given purpose rapidly. I am going to stay clean so that I can be filled with the Holy Spirit instead of a spirit of lust or gambling. had a Christian expert write the following regarding being fill with the Spirit

“Claim the promise of God that he will reveal himself and fill your life with good things. Say the prayer for Wisdom and Revelation in Ephesians 1:17 for yourself. I recommend that you say this prayer everyday for one year and God will begin to reveal many things to you.

Ephesians 1:17

New International Version (NIV)

17 I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit[a] of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

A person filled with the Holy Spirit surrenders all. A person filled with the Holy Spirit spreads the Gospel.”
We often hold things back from Jesus Christ. We are like a person who has a big house who only allows God certain rooms. Rooms many of us have include TV or movies, sports, games, wrong friends, ambitions, hobbies, drinking, drugs, gambling, food, money and hundreds of other things. When these activities are sin or become sin because of overindulgence or even gray areas they become rooms we are holding back from God.

We say “God I am ready to do whatever you want me to do.” God says – give up your ambition to be __________ which you know I don’t like. Or He says stop doing _____ or looking at _________ or spending time with __________.

Now we are at the crossroads. Peter’s loves online chess, but when he plays and loses he sometimes goes straight to the online slots. Chess only causes him to fall “sometimes.” He is ready to do whatever God wants him to do, he is just not ready to be who God wants him to be.

How many people know that you are not going to be a vibrant Christian when you are thinking about other things or looking at gray area things or having selfish ambitions or lusts?

Is the love of Jesus greater than what we hold back? Is His love less important than the rooms we cling to?

At the crossroads now we have to make a decision if we are going to sacrifice. Sacrifice our time, ambitions, lust or any other room we are holding back from Jesus Christ.

Sacrifice so that others may see the love of Jesus through us. A shining light – a bit of hope for the darkness that envelopes them.

When we give God every room He will tell us exactly what He wants us to do – and life will be like how God always meant it to be for us.


The Freedom Prayer

By Tim Hofflander


Father, give me wisdom to develop techniques to quit my addition

Help me to fulfil my God given purpose in full, or to aggressively train to achieve it

I plan to obey you today and I ask that you would see my sincerity and start to bless me and keep me from future disasters

I will do my part in helping others and I humbly ask that you would start to help mend relationships that have a chance of being restored

Read John 16 and 1st Corinthians 16 and Proverbs 14

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Thank you for reading day 19 of this how to quit gambling program.


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