Day 15 for the Gambling Freedom 60 Day Program
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Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 15

100% of people with addictions undervalue the greatness of Gods blessings. 98% of them overemphasize the pleasure their addiction brings them and they underemphasize the destruction it causes.

A Tale of Two Princes’

Two young men (twins) were torn from their homes as infants because of war. The first (Stephen) was raised by a God fearing man who taught his young prince to follow God’s ways and to always go about doing the will of Christ. The second (Donald) was raised in a religious environment and was taught about God.

In their time it was a custom for the men to go on a journey back to their home country to find their Princes. In this day it was a 6-8 trip by horseback.

Both men made great progress in their first two day. But on day three both men entered the city of Babylon. Donald was very excited about Babylon; the gambling, the woman – he had never been to a place like this. That night he found girls and the wildest games of poker he had ever seen and he partied like it was 1999. His one day indulgence turned into a 4 day binge. Meanwhile Stephen also had a great night of sightseeing in this amazing city – but he hit the sack right on time so he could get an early start the next day.

On day 6 Stephen arrived at his country. An amazing princess was waiting for him. She excitedly accepted his proposal and he took her home. They lived happily ever after.

On day 10 Donald arrived. He also met a princess. She was quite a looker but Stephen had not even considered her. She quickly accepted Donald’s proposal and they went home. To make a long story short they had their ups and downs but they made a life of it.

Conclusion: Donald never knew that Stephen was under God’s blessing and that he lived a joy filled life. Donald never knew the consequences of his brief stop in Babylon. Both brothers had heard 1000 times that if you do things God’s way he will start to bless you. One brother focused on that fact and one did not. One brother overemphasized the pleasure of Babylon and he overindulged in it – one did not. One brother was aware of the destruction overindulging causes and one was not.

Donald did not really care about the destruction his detour in Babylon caused him. But if he ever would have known about the life he missed. He would have done the trip differently.

What if someone said to you today – I will pay you $15 per day to not gamble. They say they will keep the money in a trust and give you $55,000 after 10 years of abtsinance. Would you do it? What about $30 per day and a total of $110,000 in 10 Years?
This points to two things. #1 some of you gamble away $15-30 per day or more. So by quitting you can get paid just by your abstinence. #2 If there can be a reward big enough to make you quit , this means something. When you say to yourself – “I couldn’t stop myself”, what you mean is I did not have enough motivation to stop at the moment of temptation.
One trait that many long term addicts have is that they say that they have no self control. This rarely the case. If you had no self control you would gamble every minute.
All of you have some self control. If you have held your job instead of spending 100% of your time at the casino you have some self control. Ifyou maintained some relationship despite your addiction you have self control. If not in these ways, in some other way you show some self control.
If you often say to yourself – I can’t help it – I am out of control. You will forget the fact that you indeed have some self control. You may not have enough control to eliminate the addiction yet, but by remembering that you have some control and that you can do it, is a positive.
So remember the control you do have and learn how to build on it.If you believe you can do it and you have a specific plan on how you will do it with specific alternate activities, you can make it.
…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus Phil.1:6

The Bible says “Be ye filled with the Holy Spirit. A key if you desire to leave the habit of Gambling. Peter from the Bible was mightily filled with the Spirit. If he walked by a man dying of cancer he would be instantly healed. All Christians have more or less of the Spirit in them. Christians who have more of the Spirit have less addictions or no addictions. Christians who have less of the Spirit have more addictions. Why did Peter have more of the Spirit in him then I do. It was because he spent way more time working on being filled with the Spirit. It is an aquired gift. A person who works hard to run from sin, who spends a lot of time in prayer and Bible study will be more filled with the Spirit.

People with severe addictions get run over by life, get depressed and run back to their addiction. People filled with the Spirit get run over by life, keep their joy and continue to fufil their life’s purpose.

When can you pray more. While driving your car (only do this if it will not endanger you) mute the TV and pray during commercials.

The Holy Spirit is a fire that should be burning in us. When we truly acquire the fire, the addiction disappears. Find time to prayer more. But the prayers must be on fire, fervent, intense, original prayers pleading with Almighty God to change your life. We must pray to get the sin out, find our purpose, and kill our addiction.

If you are prepared for your darkest hour (which leads to addiction) you will be ready to fight your addiction in your darkest hour.
Watch to see if sin in your life leads to slavery (to sin and other things)
Psalm 33:22
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.

Read John 12, 1st Corinthians 12 and Proverbs 10.
Continue to read the Purpose Driven Life.
If you are on track great, if not review the red letters from day 4.
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Thank you for reading day 15 of this program which will help you to leave the habit of Gambling.


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