Stop The Addictions | Drugs and Drinking no more, A 40 day program: Day 4
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Drugs and Drinking no more, A 40 day program: Day 4

Pastor Ron slipped up again. He was having a bad day and was looking forward to spending some time with his wife (if you know what I mean). But she was like – I really had a long day and I really was planning to go to sleep early. She did indeed go to bed early and Ron hit the liquor store 5 minutes after she went to sleep. He bought way too much and drank every drop and passed out in his basement.

5 hours later he woke up feeling rotten. He paused to pray for forgiveness and did not feel a thing. He then realized he had been slipping up on a pretty regular basis. He knew he needed to try something new to get his act together. He grabbed a pen and paper and decided to write out the consequences of his actions.

He wrote – the minute I go over the line and get drunk I feel the light in my life disappear and other forces seem to move in. #2: Over the last few weeks my goal of growing my church 10% this year has been totally forgotten – been busy drinking or thinking about drinking. #3: I made a couple of bad financial decisions in the last few weeks. Could they be related to my present actions? #4: Last month I was encouraging my church members to invite others to church and they did it. I was finding great joy in seeing these people saved. This month the party is on, I have forgotten about church growth and my joy level has gone from a 10 to a 3. #5: I always preach that relationships suffer when you get into sin. Yep, all of my relationships could use a band aid right now. #6: Another night with very little sleep. #7: I have been sick on and off all month – noticed that God doesn’t really answer my prayers when I put alcohol before Him.

Pastor Ron bowed his head and prayed: Father, I know your rules are for my own good and joy. Please forgive me for my ignorance and sin. Next time I am going to review these consequences before I mess up. This time he felt a warmth like Jesus was with him again. Yep, he always taught his church people that real repentance was putting together a plan of how you are going to change. Now he has a plan which gives a little bit of power about how to fight future temptation.

My new book is out on Amazon. How Jonny Quit Drugs is 24 action-packed, fictional adventures Jonny goes on, which teach him how to quit drugs. At the end of each story, he talks to his mentor Gordon, who helps him learn from his adventure and learn about his Higher Power. The 24 adventures include: Titanic, Pearl Harbor, the Matrix, the Exorcist, Amish Adventure, the Screwtape Letters, the Pleasure Principle, Escaping Reality and many others. Gordon teaches Jonny his code at the end of every chapter. The code teaches you how to be unstoppable, how a true understanding of pleasure will lead to you never using drugs again, how to make current obsessions become minor temptations and how to fight until you are free.

This book teaches you practical techniques on how to renew your mind while having fun. These vivid stories will help you form new habits that will allow you to quit for good. Click below to access it

Here is a sample chapter from the book:



Location: Boston

Year: 2035

I’m transported into a hospital research lab. The biggest drug maker in the world, “Phister Solutions” is my employer. Phister took a public survey. It revealed that a safe “pleasure” drug with no negative side effects would net profits of hundreds of millions of dollars. They want this drug made as soon as possible. We have the task of trying to develop this wonder drug.

“The tests from this latest drug indicate sales will be enormous,” Dr. Krapepit says. People love it and are finding that it increases the pleasure in their lives.” Dr. Krapepit is a used up, dieting fifty-year-old Mexican whose work is his life. Yesterday, he loudly declared he would eat a maximum of ½ of a doughnut each day this week. His belief in a magic pill gets on my nerves. But when you add Dr. Fryham to the mix fireworks ensue. He is a Jewish, bald-headed, fitness freak powerhouse with good intentions. Working nonstop is fine with him in his endless pursuit of green gold.

“Seems to me we need to be careful about our terminology with our wonder drug,” I say. “If people take this pill in moderation, it’s going to be no better than any other activity. But if they overindulge, will the destruction more than offset the pleasure?”

“I don’t care about the destruction,” Krapepit snaps aggressively. “Plus I believe you can overindulge and increase your pleasure.” He eagerly begins stuffing his second huge apple fritter into his mouth.

“Fryham, straighten him out,” I say, quite annoyed. “Do a ton of drugs make people happy?”

“My doctor buddies who work with addictions say that severe habits usually cause depression,” says Dr. Fryham. “But the point is not their experience, the point is how much money I can make.”

“Overindulgence makes life better,” Krapepit says in a condescending, cocky voice.

“I disagree,” says Dr. Fryham calmly. Krapepit whirls around and stares at him. Fryham continues, “My evidence shows you can’t increase your pleasure through overindulgence.”

“Are you crazy,” Krapepit says loudly.

“Just hear me. You can’t improve your year with overindulgence. You are unlikely to even improve your month with it, maybe not even your week. It’s a short term pleasure blast. All you are doing is moving your pleasure around. If you increase pleasure through illicit means, you are simply stealing pleasure from the future and using it now. But that debt must be paid back. Usually sooner than later. The big problem is that whether you pay the debt back now, or later, you now owe interest. The interest is paid through destruction on your life.”

“The destruction does not bother me. I just want to have me some fun,” Krapepit says, and he does a little dance with his shoulders. This is getting good.

“Even from the strict viewpoint of fun, I can’t agree with you,” Fryham says. “A second way the interest is paid is through a decrease in pleasure in the future. Think about people who steal their future pleasure by staying up all night on Friday and Saturday. They can be watching the greatest movie on Sunday with a blank look on their face. They stole their pleasure from Sunday and probably from Monday as well.”

“Overindulgence causes some minor difficulties, so what,” Krapepit says.

“The problem is, if we can’t learn from minor disasters, we will always have major disasters.”

“So what, I’m going to do what I want to do.” Angrily he grabs yet another doughnut, takes a bite and glares at Fryham. “That tasted great, and it was 100% worth it.” He says condescendingly.

I look away, pretending to work. One minute later he grabs his doughnut and slams it into the metal garbage can.

Someone knocks on the door. Dr. Krapepit opens it to reveal a tiny black-haired man with horn-rimmed glasses. “Can I help you, this is a private work lab.”

The man pulls a pistol out of his pocket, “It’s not private anymore,” he says as he comes striding in. “My name is Herbert Martinez. I’m sure none of you know who I am because no one cares that my son Hector used your prescription drugs to overdose this week. He is dead, and I know for a fact your lab developed the drug that killed him.”

“We just, um, make the pill,” Dr. Krapepit says, softly, as he starts to shake and back up.

“So you are saying it’s not your fault,” he says, menacingly, as he points the pistol at him. “You know, a lot of people will say it’s not my fault I came here today and slaughtered the three of you. They will say I was angry and you deserved to die. But the truth is, I came here to kill you of my own free will. Now it’s time to die. Who should I shoot first?” He cocks his gun.

“Don’t kill Jonny,” says Dr. Fryham. “He is a good person, and he was just telling us today what we do is wrong.”

“Good, so you are first.”

“No, I’m not ready to die like Jonny is. He is a Christian ready to meet his Maker. I need some time, I’m a bad person. If I could be last that would be great, I need to pray first.”

He then points his gun at Dr. Krapepit who turns chalk white, “If anyone should go last it’s me,” Krapepit stutters nervously. “I’m the real heathen.”

“Obviously, I’m going to have to pick someone at random,” he says as he looks all of us over intently. “Kneel on the floor.”

We all kneel and I say, “I’m a Christian and you should shoot me first. But before you do, I need to tell you Jesus loves you and died on a cross, for you. Years ago, I repented of my sins and accepted Him and you can do that also.”

“Why would I do that?” he says, lowering his gun and staring out the window.

“He will fill you with His love and give you a plan, for your life.”

“You kill my son and still you tell me to follow your God,” he says, angrily, with spit flying out of his mouth. He places the gun firmly against my temple.

Every inch of me is frozen. But I have to say something, or my life will end now!

“When you kill me, I need to have someone to replace me,” I say softly. “Someone who will tell others about the love of Jesus.” Lord, I need a lot of help here,” I pray.

“No one has ever loved me.” He stares off into space, sadness fills his face.

“I am sorry our drugs killed your son,” I say with genuine love. “In the past, our drugs would help with pain when someone has a badly broken arm. But I accept responsibility. Right now our company is working on,” I pause, “I don’t know what.”

He lowers his gun, pauses for a minute deep in thought. “Okay, I will accept your Jesus, but afterwords you all still die,” he says with each word getting softer and slower.

“If you want, I will tell you how I prayed when I accepted Jesus.” He nods.

“Father, forgive me of my sins. I commit my life to you. Please accept me and give me a chance to live the way you want me to live.”

He closes his eyes and silently prays. Tears begin rolling down his face. Dr. Krapepit’s shaking gets worse as he waits. I decide to eat another doughnut. If I die today, it can’t shorten my life at all. The chocolate one is still there. “Herbert, would you like a doughnut?” I ask. He shakes his head no.

“Guys, I’m not going to kill you today. Go ahead and call the police.”

I put the doughnut back. “We don’t need to call the police,” I say, putting my arm around him. “The person who committed that crime is dead and Jesus has something for the new you to do.”

“What am I supposed to do?” he says, looking up in shock.

“Just go around helping people. Getting connected with other Christians. Praying about the great plan Jesus has for your life.”

“Sounds like a challenge.”

“It is, but it’s worth it,” I say, while hugging him. “I’m sorry my friend.” At that point I am transported back to reality.

Back in Chicago, as Gordon unsnaps the transducer, I ask, “How can knowing that drugs can’t increase my pleasure for the month help me.”

“If I could make a movie about what your life on drugs would be like next year. Your twenty worst moments in the upcoming year and twenty best moments. If you were forced to watch it every day you would want to quit drugs. But, for most people, that’s not what happens. They think about the twenty best moments and act like the worst moments won’t happen.”

“That’s me,” I say, nodding my head.

“Instead, get to know Christians who are living great lives. Think about what they’re doing that makes their life so great. Say WWJD every day as a symbol of your commitment to change. Then, turn it around a bit. Say: What Would Jesus Do, but also think: What would a vibrant Christian I know do. Here is a secret: What if I could make a movie about what your life would be like copying a vibrant Christian. Your twenty worst moments in the upcoming year and twenty best moments. If you were forced to watch it every day, you would want to live it exactly that way.”

“Good. Make me that movie.”

“Find those vibrant Christians and let them help you understand how to make it yourself.”

He continues, “Wow, this was a more interesting night than I thought it would be. What are you up to today?”

“It’s the tenth anniversary of my dear mothers passing. I’m headed over to the cemetery with half-dozen roses. What exciting adventure is next, for me?”

“The Warrior.”


How Dylan Quit Drinking is the same 24 stories in a slightly different format. To access that title click the below link:


Life is filled with constant problems and often times these issues lead to negative emotions which are triggers to doing drugs or drinking. It is wise to retrain your mind to react moderately to life’s constant problems. Anger, self pity, resentment, frustration, boredom or anything else that triggers your habits needs to be changed. Make a note of what emotions cause your problems. Then pray, plan, and prepare yourself to react differently. Your mind will learn new habits. If you get angry every day you have that habit. Now if you make efforts every day to keep your anger under control you are beginning to form a new habit which will assist you in learning self control.

What happens is that your emotions get out of control and you do what do you always do when you get upset. You likely use drugs or drink. So you need to spend a lot of time praying about the emotions that lead to your habit.

“It’s not the situation…… it’s your reaction to the situation.” Bob Conklin Overcoming Addiction Quote
Write down what emotion tends to lead you back to drugs or drinking?

Let’s look in on people who are trying to quit to see what they are doing: Ty Prayed five times per day that God would help him to control his negative emotions. Remember to pray all the time for things that are in God’s will. This prayer is exactly what God wants you to change and He will answer it over time.

Now you may say I have asked God a 1000 times to keep me from drinking or drugs and I went back 998 times. Did I get no answer to prayer? You got an answer which was silence. When you love something as much as you love or used to love drugs or drinking God ignores those prayers. In order for you to pray “God keep me from using” and get an answer, you have to hate drugs or drinking with a passion so that you will have the faith to believe that you really can stop.
God will answer the prayer of a sincere person immediately and permanently. I will also tell you that God rarely answers my prayers immediately. And I know why. On some level I still want my addiction. So if you want to pray directly about your addiction pray “Father help me to not want this addiction”.
Many of you have accepted Christ as your Savior. For a while you felt His tremendous love in your life and then it has faded a bit. The way to get it back (or to start now) is to repent of your sins and to dedicate your life to Him. Pray “Father forgive me of my sins. I accept you as my Savior.” If you lack the faith to believe in Christianity and to commit at this time to read “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel.

I believe that Jesus is real and this great book documents a man who made it his goal to prove Jesus was a fake. After years of research He become a Christian and wrote this book because of the overwhelming evidence (much of it physical) that Jesus is real and that He rose from death and is God.

Sue is determined to form a habit to say to herself 3 times a day that “my goal is to quit drinking and doing drugs. I will not put a priority on fun or excitement – my goal is to quit. Today I will do things that satisfy.

One of the reasons some people struggle to quit is because they have no idea what the purpose for their life is. There is an excellent book by Rick Warren called “The Purpose Driven Life”. I highly recommend that you read this book.
1 Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”


God has unfailing love for us. Every day I will add another verse that talks about His unfailing love.

If this article has helped you, share it with your friends.


Psalm 6:4
Turn, O LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love.

Today Tom decided to add idea’s to his quitting drugs and drinking journal.

Read First Corinthians 1 and John 2 from the Bible.

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